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6 Homebased Jobs For SAHMs (Stay-At-Home Moms)




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I’ve already had several moms asking me about homebased jobs for SAHMs – how they can start or what jobs would fit them. And what these moms (especially the first-time moms) have in common is that they plan to quit their jobs just so they could be hands-on with their kids and not miss important milestones. However, they are also unsure if homebased jobs will work for them especially since they don’t have any prior experience.

The truth is, yes – most clients will look at your resume and see if you have worked remotely before. They prefer to go for someone who has a track record of working homebased jobs, especially if you’re applying via a platform like Upwork, where it’s filled with aggressive, seasoned employees. But that’s not to say you don’t stand a chance. Homebased jobs for SAHMs will work if moms are committed to making it work.

It all starts from nothing

Everyone starts from zero at a job. For instance, I didn’t have an amazing portfolio for Upwork employers back then. Slowly, as I took on projects by convincing clients that I was the right fit, and earned 5 stars for every project I got, my profile improved. I then left the platform sometime in 2013 and worked directly for clients, (which means that you have plenty of opportunities and not just on a platform like Upwork) and got back on Upwork just last year and got the “top-rated” badge for this year.

What I’m trying to say is, Mom, you don’t even have to be a seasoned online employee. If you even wish to quit your 9-5 to go for a more flexible work schedule, you can do it. You can even use your current work experience and market yourself so you can land a job. All you have to do is take that leap of faith and find suitable homebased jobs for SAHMs.

Think hard before you decide to work from home

Taking a leap of faith is good if you’re committed to making sacrifices to make “working from home” work. But as pointed out by Misis Blog, there are things to consider before making that big decision. I believe it’s not for everyone. I have some people ask me before about job offers, me referring them to employers, etc, but they end up ghosting or abandoning the idea.

Yes, you may have a flexible schedule as a homebased worker. You may be able to work on your pyjamas. But that doesn’t mean there is no need for commitment. Depending on the nature of the work, homebased jobs are still jobs that pay the bills (and even more).

I suggest you read this post if you wish to transition to working remotely to help you prepare and arrive at a decision, without any regrets. But trust me, a lot of people, especially moms, never regret their decision to work from home.

Various Homebased Jobs for SAHM

Moms, especially my fellow pinay moms, there are plenty of job opportunities online. You just have to carefully search (and I mean carefully because scammers are rampant) and ask the right people about it. Here are some of the homebased jobs for SAHMs that you might be interested in.

1. Writing, Editing, Proofreading

I’ve been in the online writing industry since 2011. Technically, it’s the first long-term job I had. Straight from graduation and after passing the board, I worked at a hospital pharmacy only for a half a year. I then decided to look for a job where I can write. And there it is. I found it, and the rest is history. As a writer, you can write for online publications or online aggregate news sites.

If you enjoy writing and you know basic English grammar, then you can easily find opportunities in this field. Once you’ve acquired experience, you can move on to editing and proofreading and other writing jobs you can think of. Or better yet – start your own blog or book and profit from it.

A lot of companies are looking for writers to produce blog posts or content for them, and this is why it’s all good when you have writing skills and English skills.

2. Social Media Manager/Content Manager

These days, you know how social media is so important for companies to promote their brand. And of course, they don’t have time to post content on their social media platforms. This is where you will find the opportunity, and this is where you come in as that person who will do that job for them. You can 

3. Graphic Design/Illustrator

Got drawing and designing skills? This job is for you. If you’ve always been the creative and want to improve your craft, there are many free courses online. I gotta tell you, I didn’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop before but I’ve always wanted to learn the basics and more. I took up free online classes via Skillshare and learned Illustrator. I watchd YouTube videos and finally learned my way around Photoshop. And because of that, I was able to work as a virtual assistant for a client doing graphics for her.

4. Virtual Assistant

This is one popular homebased jobs for SAHM and one that can really be sustainable for a long time. You can start out as a virtual assistant getting jobs from a platform, one of them is My Freight Staff. If you have call center work experience you might just do great in this field. Others, however, didn’t have any virtual assistance experience of any kind, but I’ve heard amazing stories of how people found a client they’ve been working for for years – and generous ones at that. If just dive right in ready to be of service and you’re lucky enough to land a great client, then you might find that this job is very rewarding.

Homebased jobs for SAHMs can be for long-term if one is lucky enough to find a great job and

Virtual assistance can be many things. You can be an assistant to someone who needs help in taking care of their online business. You can also be someone who helps an author publish their book. You can also be a virtual assistant taking calls or making calls, scheduling events or planning things. Or you can be an all-around assistant given all the tasks mentioned above.

5. ESL Teacher

Got good basic English skills that you are confident you can share with others who don’t? So many foreigners want to learn English as their second language and a lot of Filipinos are qualified to do this job. If you’ve got the patience and the confidence, go for it.

6. Transcriptionist

Being a transcriptionist is one of the flexible homebased jobs for SAHMs. If you can listen to audio recordings and transcribe it into written content. You’ll also be correcting errors as part of the job. And for you to be an effective transcriptionist, you need good hearing skills and excellent typing skills.

There are plenty of opportunities when working from home. At the same time, there are many things to consider. If you want to take that leap and have a work that offers flexible schedule so you can spend more time with the family, then try it for yourself. Find the right people who can connect you to legit homebased jobs for SAHMs. One thing you can do is join Online Filipino Freelancers to check out job openings. You can also read tips and stories from work-from-home employees that should inspire you.

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