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How To Teach Your Preschooler To Read




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My kid seems to enjoy reading now that he has learned how to do it. I was told back then that Kai was the only kid in the nursery class who could read. My then-3-year-old was the first to have learned reading and he could pick up really fast. The truth is, he has started learning even before he went to school. I wanted him to love reading so I taught him earlier. I’m not a teacher but I had talked to a good friend who happens to be one and got tips on how to teach your kid to read.

I’ve applied what my friend told me and it worked. There may be different ways to teach your kid to read but these are the things I applied that got my boy to learn fast.

Instill the love for reading

For the child to be able to learn to read, there should be enough motivation to do so. Instill the love for reading by reading to your child every day. I have to be honest, I wasn’t a consistent reader to my child. But I did read to him everyday for about almost a month and then it was intermittent after that.

A bedtime routine that consists of reading greatly helps.

Teach the Alphabet

To start with reading, the child should be able to recognize and know the alphabets. Kai was able to do this when he was around almost 2 years old. Here are some tips:

– Watch videos of alphabet songs

– play alphabet songs on speakers

– get an alphabet chart

– play with alphabets using modeling clay

– play with alphabets by pointing at letters on posters.

Familiarizing the Sounds

Once the child has mastered the alphabets, it’s time to start teaching the sounds. Teach the hard sounds first, like the G in Grass instead of the G in Giraffe. Soft sounds can follow once the kid knows the phonics.

Some tips:

– playing the phonics song on repeat can help a lot. Technology, in my case, has helped Kai’s language skills a lot. I wouldn’t condemn the use of gadgets because I can’t deny how helpful it was in Kai’s learning.

– ask your child to produce the sounds of each letter.

– give examples of words for each letter sound

Blending Sounds

Once the kid is a master at phonics, you can move on to blending of sounds. Start simple with CVC or single-syllable consonant-vowel-consonant words.

– Make reading time fun for your kid using flashcards. If not, you can always DIY using whiteboard marker and a smooth photo paper.

– the use of letter magnets can be very helpful. It’s a fun way of learning how to read

Here’s a list of words you and your child can enjoy with.

Once your kid knows how to blend single-syllable words consisting of CVC, start with four-letter one-syllable words such as play, milk, crab, comb, etc.

You can then move on to teaching him sounds of two consonant letters such as ch, th, ph, etc.


Reading should be a fun activity and an opportunity to bond with your kid. So, make it fun. Do not push it. Don’t stress out. Remember you are just introducing this to your preschooler. Getting creative helps a lot so your child can enjoy reading time better. Be patient and consistent when teaching your kid. And most importantly, don’t be frustrated when your kid can’t or is having a hard time to read. Remember, all kids have a different learning pace.

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