6 Indoor Activities For Toddlers When It’s Raining


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It’s two weeks into January and it’s been raining for days now. From where I am, that’s pretty normal. Official rainy season in the Philippines doesn’t happen until June. But what the cold front at this month means for toddler parents is that they’re stuck indoors. But the fun shouldn’t stop when there are different indoor activities for toddlers to do when it’s raining.

I’ve always loved the rain but now that I have a kid, it can be a sad thing since that means we couldn’t take Kai out to the park or let him ride his bike. It can get pretty boring for a super active kid to stay indoors and miss out on all the fun. But that doesn’t have to be the case when you have these great ideas on indoor activities for toddlers when it’s raining.

#1. Coloring books

Our toddler loves to color and it’s a great way to keep him engaged. When it’s raining outside, take out the box of crayons and provide papers and let your little one color away. Parents can join in the fun too and bond with the kids over art. Check out this cool adult coloring book.

#2. Play Hide-and-Seek

Don’t make things all the more boring for your child. Make rainy days a day they will love by with fun indoor activities. Your toddler will be delighted if you initiate a game of hide-and-seek when it’s raining outside. It’s also an opportunity for you, especially work-at-home parents, to take a break and enjoy a fun game with your little one.

#3. Movie Marathon

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When everyone’s feeling lazy and in the mood for a movie (or movies), go ahead and get cozy with family movies. Choose films that are appropriate for little eyes. If you’re not sure what to watch with your toddler, check out Happiness is Homemade for 101 suggestions.

#4. Play indoor hockey

I’m not kidding. This can be fun. But where can you get an indoor hockey table? At your favorite local toy store. Kai happens to have one given as a Christmas gift by his godfather. Shout out to Ben! It was such a cool gift I had fun playing it myself. Impressively, our boy learned how to play air hockey quickly. Check out this tabletop air hockey game, which can be one of the fun indoor activities for toddlers when it’s raining.

#5. Clay madness

Most kids love clay. I know our son does — A LOT! You’ve got to admit, getting creative with clay can be a lot of fun, so why not do it with your kids? It’s the perfect way to spend the rainy days. If you’re not a fan of the brand Play-Doh, check out this excellent alternative from Green Toys and see why parents love this product!

#6. Arts & Crafts

It’s a great way to fight boredom during rainy days. Not only will this be an opportunity to bond with your toddler, but it’s also a way for him to develop his creativity. Check out these art project ideas you can do with your toddler.

Rainy days don’t have to stop you and your kids from having fun. Your kid can have all the toys he or she wants but the most precious thing you can give is your time. Spend more time with your toddler even in the simplest way possible.

How do you spend rainy days with your child? Would love to hear from you. Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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