Jacinto & Lirio Fauna Mahika Planner – A Mom’s Best Friend


I’m the kind who likes to write with pen and paper. I am obsessed with stationery supplies. If you don’t know yet, I do bullet journal as well. And one day when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw an ad post from our favorite mall featuring a brand called Jacinto & Lirio. The post contains photos of what turned out to be a beautifully designed multifunctional pocket-sized organizer – and I thought to myself, “I’ve got to have this thing!”

I immediately visited Jacinto & Lirio’s web page and fell in love with the organizer designs in an instant. I thought, “How could I have missed this brand and its products?” I must be living under a rock.

What Jacinto & Lirio is All About

A little trivia: Jacinto and Lirio are Spanish words for “hyacinth” and “lily,” respectively. And the brand is aptly named because it’s what the products are made of – the water hyacinth or water lily. Turns out, in some communities in the Philippines, the water hyacinth is considered a pest plant, affecting fishing livelihood and clogging up waterways. So the solution – turn those plant pests into something sustainable, like this beautiful wallet/organizer I have, made from plant leather!

Yes, what’s awesome about J&L’s products is that they’re made with plant leather.

No! I’m not vegan but I respect their views. And if I have to choose between genuine leather and plant leather, I’ll definitely, 100 percent go with the latter. That’s also the reason why I don’t go for designer bags (well, besides the fact that they’re expensive and I’m not really into bags lol).

The package came the other day and I was so excited. It was awesome to finally have it in my hands. The timing was perfect since I’ve been looking for a new wallet. I needed to replace mine, which has been with me for three years now. And I also needed something that I can put my little pocket journal (where I keep my grocery list) in. I am also a forgetful momma – I’ve forgotten my wallet several times before, especially when it’s been taken out of my bag. Mommy brains!

So, I was looking for something that I can stuff everything in and take it with me when it’s time to leave.

And voila! I found the Mahika Fauna Planner!

The Fauna Mahika series features four endangered animals in the Philippines. I initially wanted the Tamaraw, which was colored back, but it was sold out so I went for Butanding (whaleshark), which is also fine since it’s colored teal.

Prices range from Php 800+ to Php 900+. You’ll pay more if you’ll go for add-ons like an eco-bag and a planner filler.

I got mine for Php 889 ($16.50) since I got the one with the planner filler.

The funny thing is that I didn’t have a use for the planner filler at the moment. Lol, I just wanted the filler just because. I removed it and replaced it with my current Victoria’s Journals pocket journal.

It has pockets at the back portion as well as on the inside.

ATM, I don’t have anything on the back pockets. I used the inside pockets for my cards. I didn’t realize I have many cards in my wallet lol.

It also has a mobile case to store your phone.

I can’t use this since my phone is big for this size. Not that it doesn’t fit but it’s too tight. It’s okay, though, since I’m looking for a smaller phone this time, so in the future, I can use this feature. Also, I used that portion to put in my coupons.

Speaking of which, J&L gives you plenty of discount coupons for different local brands.

I’m officially in love. I keep looking at my Jacinto & Lirio Fauna Mahika planner. Here are the complete features of this series.

> Embroidery on handmade water hyacinth plant leather >Integrated Magic Wallet
– 4 Exterior Card Holders
– Secure horizontal garter system to hold paper bills
– 3 Interior Card Holders
– 1 ID Holder
– Inner slit for papers
>Zipped Coin Purse
>Garterized Mobile Holder
>Refillable Pocket Size
>Open Date Planner
– Monthly Overview
– Weekly Overview
– Plain Notes Section
– Dotted Notes Section
> Garterized Pen Holder
>Built in Bookmark
>Removable Strap
>Slip on Belt Closure 

It’s definitely the perfect organizer for a busy mom. It has a wallet for my cash, which I don’t carry a lot of, slots for cards, mobile case, and a planner! It’s perfect for personal use and as gifts. If you like making lists, schedules, and organizing, this pocket organizer is for you. I highly recommend Jacinto & Lirio. Visit Jacinto & Lirio for more products or check out their Instagram.