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I’m the kind who likes to write with pen and paper. I am obsessed with stationery supplies. If you don’t know yet, I do bullet journal as well. And one day when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw an ad post from our favorite mall featuring a brand called Jacinto & Lirio. The post contains photos of what turned out to be a beautifully designed multifunctional pocket-sized organizer – and I thought to myself, “I’ve got to have this thing!”

I immediately visited Jacinto & Lirio’s web page and fell in love with the organizer designs in an instant. I thought, “How could I have missed this brand and its products?” I must be living under a rock.

What Jacinto & Lirio is All About

A little trivia: Jacinto and Lirio are Spanish words for “hyacinth” and “lily,” respectively. And the brand is aptly named because it’s what the products are made of – the water hyacinth or water lily. Turns out, in some communities in the Philippines, the water hyacinth is considered a pest plant, affecting fishing livelihood and clogging up waterways. So the solution – turn those plant pests into something sustainable, like this beautiful wallet/organizer I have, made from plant leather!

Yes, what’s awesome about J&L’s products is that they’re made with plant leather.

No! I’m not vegan but I respect their views. And if I have to choose between genuine leather and plant leather, I’ll definitely, 100 percent go with the latter. That’s also the reason why I don’t go for designer bags (well, besides the fact that they’re expensive and I’m not really into bags lol).

The package came the other day and I was so excited. It was awesome to finally have it in my hands. The timing was perfect since I’ve been looking for a new wallet. I needed to replace mine, which has been with me for three years now. And I also needed something that I can put my little pocket journal (where I keep my grocery list) in. I am also a forgetful momma – I’ve forgotten my wallet several times before, especially when it’s been taken out of my bag. Mommy brains!

So, I was looking for something that I can stuff everything in and take it with me when it’s time to leave.

And voila! I found the Mahika Fauna Planner!

The Fauna Mahika series features four endangered animals in the Philippines. I initially wanted the Tamaraw, which was colored back, but it was sold out so I went for Butanding (whaleshark), which is also fine since it’s colored teal.

Prices range from Php 800+ to Php 900+. You’ll pay more if you’ll go for add-ons like an eco-bag and a planner filler.

I got mine for Php 889 ($16.50) since I got the one with the planner filler.

The funny thing is that I didn’t have a use for the planner filler at the moment. Lol, I just wanted the filler just because. I removed it and replaced it with my current Victoria’s Journals pocket journal.

It has pockets at the back portion as well as on the inside.

ATM, I don’t have anything on the back pockets. I used the inside pockets for my cards. I didn’t realize I have many cards in my wallet lol.

It also has a mobile case to store your phone.

I can’t use this since my phone is big for this size. Not that it doesn’t fit but it’s too tight. It’s okay, though, since I’m looking for a smaller phone this time, so in the future, I can use this feature. Also, I used that portion to put in my coupons.

Speaking of which, J&L gives you plenty of discount coupons for different local brands.

I’m officially in love. I keep looking at my Jacinto & Lirio Fauna Mahika planner. Here are the complete features of this series.

> Embroidery on handmade water hyacinth plant leather >Integrated Magic Wallet
– 4 Exterior Card Holders
– Secure horizontal garter system to hold paper bills
– 3 Interior Card Holders
– 1 ID Holder
– Inner slit for papers
>Zipped Coin Purse
>Garterized Mobile Holder
>Refillable Pocket Size
>Open Date Planner
– Monthly Overview
– Weekly Overview
– Plain Notes Section
– Dotted Notes Section
> Garterized Pen Holder
>Built in Bookmark
>Removable Strap
>Slip on Belt Closure  

It’s definitely the perfect organizer for a busy mom. It has a wallet for my cash, which I don’t carry a lot of, slots for cards, mobile case, and a planner! It’s perfect for personal use and as gifts. If you like making lists, schedules, and organizing, this pocket organizer is for you. I highly recommend Jacinto & Lirio. Visit Jacinto & Lirio for more products or check out their Instagram.


  1. This journal is so multi-functional. I love its efficiency. From cards, cash and my endless receipts will definitely fit here. Good thing pa na its made of water lily which go to waste lang after being removed from rivers as pest. Add in the unique design and color too 🙂 Good buy, Mommy.

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