Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island With Kids: May 2016 Birthday Getaway


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From May 14.

Kai is back on the boat as we headed for Bantayan Island to celebrate his big sister, Chelsea’s birthday weekend. It’s barely a month and our little toddler is out again for a great adventure.

We got on a ship to get to the island and it lasted for about an hour and a half. We were with Ivan’s family so I had someone to take turns with carrying this heavy little child. Of course, the family was around to keep Kai entertained all throughout the trip.

We stayed in this place called Adelaida’s Pensionne and I have to say it’s a nice place to stay in. The downside is that this inn is not located on a beachfront, as opposed to other hotels in the area.

The last time Ivan and I were here was seven years ago during one of early big adventures. We got a place that’s located just in front of the beach. But this time, we had to walk about 150 meters to get to the shore. That’s alright – except when you get back to the hotel from the beach with a tired baby sleeping in your arms.

That was one laborious walk I had to make when Kai fell asleep late in the afternoon after playing in the water. There was still some hesitation on his part; he hasn’t fully warmed up to the beach and that happens every time we go to beaches. So far, we’ve only been to two this summer and he had the same reaction. I just let him get used to being in the water for several minutes and later on, he’ll be playing by himself.

Someone’s dead asleep when we got to the hotel.

Chelsea, the birthday girl.


A lovely day in Bantayan.

Our baby enjoying playing with his truck on the sand.

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