Kai Goes to Malapascua (Part II)


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We reached the island around 9 a.m., but it was already scorching hot. We stayed in this place called Blue Corals because it was the nearest hotel to the docking area.

Shortly after we arrived, I went to the waters because I really wanted to cool off. I took Kai with me and then that’s when it turned sour. He cried endlessly because apparently, he’s not used to being on the beach. Or maybe the water was just too cold. Or maybe he was just cranky cause he didn’t get enough sleep that day. Hahahah

So back to the room we went and rested a bit. Ivan took a nap and I woke him up at lunch time. We had lunch at this place just next to our hotel named Mabuhay Restaurant.

Since going to the beach after lunch is something we wouldn’t want to do, considering it’s really, really hot, we headed to the room and took a nap. You might ask, why go somewhere far when we just wanted to take a nap all day. Well, the vacation is for us to take a break from work and be somewhere unfamiliar. It just felt great never having to worry about deadlines.

So we slept until around 4 p.m, just about time when it’s no longer hot out. It’s time to head to the waters again. This time, I just held Kai while he was crying. Tried to keep his mind off the feel of water by singing songs, pointing at things, etc.

Kai eventually warmed up to the beach.
Kai eventually warmed up to the beach.

Eventually, he calmed down and was even saying “yehey.” Such a goofball. But there’s still one thing that he doesn’t like – the feel of sand on his skin.

malapascua beach

Again, he cried so hard when I made him step on the sand. He didn’t like the feeling. Couldn’t blame him – it was the first time (ish) that he felt sand. The last time he went to the beach, he was too little to understand what was going on.

After about half an hour enjoying the beach, we headed to the bar area to get a view of the sunset.

Kai and Grammy.
Kai and Grammy.
Waiting for the sunset at the beach bar.
Kai and Daddy.
—to be continued–

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