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Kai Goes To Singapore: From Cebu To Singapore, Jurong Bird Park Visit




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We chose the cheapest flight we can get, which cost Php 5,000+ or $100+ and that was a midnight flight. What that means is trouble for the toddler because we were thinking it would be his sleeping time. But we didn’t expect that our toddler would be okay with everything. It started out okay with him cooperating when I asked him to ride his Iron Man luggage.

Everything went smoothly that is until we reached the waiting area. He was dropping on the ground crawling under the benches. But nah, we let him be. The awesome thing about traveling with a kid is that we get to be prioritized in queues. Not bad.

He slept through the flight and when we landed, the little man woke up and he got to be talkative again inside the cab. We reached Aunt Lucy’s place and he was as energetic as ever. It took time for him to finally settle down. The next day it was a brand new day for us. We woke up around 10 a.m. and set off to Lucky Plaza to buy these promo tickets for all the attractions we’re planning to visit.

The first main attraction for this day is in Jurong Bird Park, where Kai got to see different birds. And yes, there were times he got cranky because he needed his nap but we managed. Scroll through the pics for our first day in Singapore.

Grammy and Kai at the Mactan International Airport.
While waiting to board our plane.
This is what we had to deal with at around 10-11 p.m.
We’re finally inside the plane waiting to take off. It’s Kai’s first time to be on the plane, which makes it more exciting.
Daddy’s shot of our city from the window.
Yey! Kai’s first time to ride the train! Whenever he gets inside he kept on saying “choo choo!”
Welcome to Jurong Bird Park!
Look at them flamingos! We got in time for the bird show. And the grand finale featured all the birds onstage.
Too close to the African penguins.
Looking at the flamingos!
Those are smurfs right there! Can you see it?
He’s looking for the fish.
Lovin’ daddy!
There’s a playground inside the bird park and of course he didn’t miss it. That was our last stop


Them pelicaaaans

So I realized I didn’t have a lot of bird pictures. Well, I was busy recording videos while my mom was the one who took all the pictures. I’ll update more if I get my hands on them. Meanwhile, here’s our little one saying hi to the flamingos.


  1. I want to take my family there one day. Great place to stop from the Philippines. Looks like you all have a wonderful time.

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