Cars And Beep Beep: Going For A Ride Or Not


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We’ve observed that Kai is really into cars. We bought him matchbox cars from Hot Wheels and currently he has 13 of them. I told myself he’ll play with them or have a collection when he gets older. As he grew, he becomes more fascinated by it. He’d constantly push the swivel chair here and goes “broom broom” with a “beep beep”. One day when visiting the mall, we passed by the toy store and saw remote controlled cars.

We had him sit on it and enjoy the ride, which he did. You can see how overwhelmed he was. We were overjoyed to see his reaction, but unfortunately, we can’t affors the car that runs, beeps and has a steering wheel. Good thing he didn’t throw a fit when we walked away without it. But really, Kai’s not the type to do it – or maybe not yet.

Kai has always been fascinated by cars.

toy car, remote
Taking it for a spin.

This was in April. We ended up buying the scooter instead, which he loves the same. He’d scoot and go fast with it after a week. We’re actually surprised at how he learned that fast. Still, we can’t shake off the fact that he’d enjoy a live car, since we still see him pretending to honk the horn on his hornless scooter/twister.

Thanks to Grampa a couple of months later, we bought it at ₱6,300 (around $130). It’s cheaper and has more legroom compared to the one on the photo above.  After it was put together by the guy at the store, we decided for Kai to give it a qucik spin. The car has big dynamo so it has more power. Since the area there wasn’t spacious, we had to make sure to drive carefully or we’ll bump into the racks. Since it is a powerful car, it jumps when it starts. That’s when Kai started to freak out.

We bought it anyway but in his own little world, he didn’t realize we did. The next day, he woke up to see a big ass box in the living room. He knew then it was a car by saying “broom broom.”

He was fine with it. He was even excited and overwhelmed he’d get in the car and honk the horn. However, late in the afternoon when we took him outside to give it a real go, he wouldn’t get in the car and he was even kinda scared to see the car running. Uh-oh! He may have not liked the feeling of a bit of jump when the car starts.

Bah, I’d give it time. We thought he’d enjoy it since he really did the first time he rode it. It seems that the car will be lying around for some time before he warms up to it.



  1. My son LOVES Cars as well. And being a Disney nerd I introduced Pixar Cars. And now his WHOLE room and almost every single thing he owns is cars themed. Down to the tooth brush, Cups and potty chair.
    We bought him a 4 wheeler for Christmas last year because well the cars are expensive like you mentioned. And we don’t have lot of space for him to drive it. He was scared at first but he eventually warned up to it 🙂

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