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Kai’s First Jollibee Party




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We wanted Kai to be around other kids to socialize him early on. We noticed he tend to snap at other kids, even if they just pass by him. I swear this kid is like a dog that doesn’t want his private space to be invaded. It’s funny but no, I don’t want him to grow up to be an anti-social little boy. I know he’ll outgrow it, because I noticed he’s overly friendly around adults, but not so much around kids. Or maybe he’s just picky.

With Hetty.
With Hetty.

There are times he’ll play with other kids, but it seems like he’s only friendly towards the girls. Hahaha! We asked him to say hi to our friend, Ryan’s daughter, Ehla and told him to give her a kiss. He would and he chased her but she wanted to get away from him, so yeah. It was a brief game of chasing;’ it’s cute.

So we were there at the venue and so I had to let Kai wander around by himself with all those kids. It’s great some of them came up to him and there was a bit of interaction. I just can’t contain my smile seeing our little boy with other kids. It’s such a wonderful sight.  Then the party started and there were games, but he was just too little to join. Nevertheless, I still let him wander around. He’d play with the chairs pushing it around. I tried to tell him to say hi to the little kid beside me, but he won’t.

Kids were lined up; he had a world of his own.
Kids were lined up; he had a world of his own.
His favorite: Pushing chairs.
His favorite: Pushing chairs.

I let him be and he was just there bouncing and running around. There was minimal social interaction as he was just playing by himself. There’s still that growling at kids near him, especially when he’s playing with the chair and the kid would join him.

Sundae with Daddy.
Sundae with Daddy.

Should I be worried? I know Kai’s too young – he’s only 18 months and he doesn’t know what social interaction is and he doesn’t understand the concept of sharing just yet. But this is just one of the first steps he needs to take. We’ll guide him for sure and someday, he’ll learn the whole concept and get himself a good friend.

There’s the bee that everybody seems to love!
Apparently, Kai is not a fan.
Apparently, Kai is not a fan.

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