Kai’s Moving Up Ceremony 2019


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I haven’t written here for a while. I haven’t been paying attention to my blogs. Too many tasks at hand. Too many clients to deal with on top of house chores and distractions from my preschooler. But I have to write this down and not forget the proud moment when my partner and I walked up the stage on Apr. 5, 2019 to receive medals to put around our son’s neck and his award certificates.

Memories of me marching up the stage to receive various academic awards with my single mom are still fresh. When I was older, we would chuckle at the moment when there are too many awards to receive and to0 many ribbons to pin on me. We didn’t get to pin ribbons but there were a lot of medals. Now, it’s my turn. I have a man beside me. And we have a boy we took to the stage.

Let me just share with you that moment when our son was called. He was called first because he was on the Third Rank of Honor Roll. He made it – again! And we also learned he was the First in rank for the Fourth Grading. That made us conclude that Kai would have been first for the entire school year if it weren’t for his absences. All his scores were perfect – every single time! I was told he was the only kid in his class who could read (or he was the first kid in his class who found reading very easy to learn). Well, we know, and everyone we know he’s a smart kid.

But he dropped out of the list during the 2nd and 3rd Grading Period because he had absences. In this traditional education system, attendance is given a big percentage of your grade. He had absences during those periods because he either got sick or was traveling. And, we won’t have it any other way. I would still let him miss school if it meant the three of us would go traveling.

Part of me was a bit disappointed he won’t get recognized for his achievements at that time but then I realized it doesn’t matter anymore. We never forced him to do good in school anyway. I don’t have strict schedules for studying. We only do a quick review and sometimes, we do read and most of the time, he’s the one asking me to have a “study” session with him (that usually means I’ll let him answer questionnaires that are not given by his teacher). He does his best every single time and we see it. We acknowledge it and we know so well about our son’s capabilities – sometimes he even surprises us.

So I stopped hoping he’ll make it to the list. Heck, whatever. He’ll make it or not, I know that our son is brilliant. Plus, it’s not all about grades. That’s what I learned. What’s important is that he learns things and he’s a good human being.

Still, it felt great to know that he’s part of the Top 3 after all. And he got a Special Award, Best in Mathematics and Most Creative awards. For now, we know he’s one interested kid who’s eager to learn and go to school. I don’t know if he will be the same when he grows up. I know, though, that I will continue to offer guidance and support his study sessions and make sure he gets good grades but I won’t force him and pressure him to be on the top. What we only want is for him to grow up into a decent human being with a heart.

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