Kai’s Wishtime Shape Sorter – Review


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Here it is, the start of Kai’s toy reviews and I will be randomly posting photos of his toys from the time when he was still an infant to the current toddler stage. We don’t usually buy him toys that much. He had hand-me-downs stuffed animals from his cousin, Venice. Most of the toys he has were given to him as gifts. The first one I’ll be reviewing is this plastic shape sorter from Wishtime.

I got mine from Kai’s godmother, Gayl, who happens to be one of my good friends in college. She gave it this year, we hadn’t seen each other in a long time during that time and when we got together, she brought something for Kai. This is the first shape sorter with lots of shapes and numbers that Kai owned – well sort of. He had a wooden one prior to this but it wasn’t a cylindrical shape, but a flat one. While I got mine for free, you can also find the Wishtime Shape Sorter Kids Learning Activity Toddler here.

So I let Kai play with his new shape sorter toy the moment we got home that time. This little dude is easily fascinated by new things and he was definitely excited about playing it. I taught him a few times then the next thing we know, he’s already an ace at sorting the numbers and shapes. Wishtime Shape Sorter has the numbers one through six in different colors and 12 different shapes, also in various bright colors.

Within a week, Kai’s on his own sorting the shapes and numbers and their colors. Ivan and I were surprise he learned that fast. He was just 18 months at that time when he got the toy and he was already able to recognize and utter the colors red, blue, orange, purple, green, pink, brown, black, white and the shapes, circle, square, triangle, oval, arrow, pie, hexagon and pentagon.

All in all, I’m grateful for Gayl for having received this gift. It has indeed helped Kai with his shapes because it is a fun way for him to learn. Plus, the toys are so colorful. For a while, it has become Kai’s favorite toy. Because of the shape sorter, he was able to recognize shapes I’d never would have recognized when I was his age. Of course, he has his funny way of saying it aloud, but nevertheless, the kid learned! What’s amazing is that the toy is also made of durable plastic. Kai would throw his toys around if he feels like it –whether he’s happy or upset – and the shape sorter was one of his victims. But here’s the thing, still in perfect condition and continues to be one of Kai’s favorites, which would get him engaged.

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