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Keeping Toddlers Busy: 10 Fun And Simple Activities For Little Hands




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Parents know so well that a toddler has this level of energy like no other. Keeping toddlers busy can be a real challenge if you need to get things done at home. My friend was asking me for ideas on how to keep a toddler busy and at that moment, I chuckled in my head because I never really perfected a technique on how to do it.

Honestly, I’ve succumbed to technology and would give Kai the tablet or phone to watch YouTube videos. After all, he learned A LOT from watching those colorful, educational videos. But as a parent, I wanted to make sure he doesn’t become that “zombie” kid whose eyes are on the screen, anytime and anywhere. Fortunately, I found the ultimate resource for keeping toddlers busy.

Shout out to  Susie of Busy Toddler for these amazing creative ideas for keeping toddlers busy. According to her blog, busytoddler.com, Susie is a former teacher who focused on being a stay-at-home mom. She provides ideas for fun and simple activities that will keep your toddler engaged, and at the same time, develop his or her cognitive skills.

Here are my top 10 favorite ideas for keeping toddlers busy.

(Click on the photo captions for instructions on how to do the project)

#1. Extreme Boxes


Yes, the box! The box is a better toy than any other expensive toys you find in a store. Any parent knows that. But Susie has a way of making things even more fun for your toddler. With cutouts of construction paper and some glue, your kids will be spending time decorating that box. Very creative way of keeping toddlers busy.

#2. Sticker Line-Up

Busy Toddler/Instagram

When you look at it, this engaging activity is easy to make.  I’m thinking sheets of cartolina, a marker and some color coding stickers. You can get your stickers from Lazada or Amazon.

#3. Sticker Sort

Busy Toddler/Instagram

This gives you more reason to buy those color coding stickers!

#4. Laundry Basket Fishing

Busy Toddler/ Instagram

This looks like a whole lot of fun. This activity will surely keep your toddlers busy with fishing for those magnetic “fish.”

#5. Restaurant Kit

Whenever we go out to the mall, I see a lot of kids, especially during family dinners, facing their screens. It seems it’s the only way for some parents to make sure their kid doesn’t behave. I understand that, but this restaurant kit can be of great help. With an empty baby wipes container, stuff all little toys or crayons that can keep your toddler busy. Make room for this one in your bag.

#6. Puzzle Sort

Buys Toddler/Instagram

Invest in puzzles to give some brain training for your toddler. Those chunky puzzles are great for toddlers. You can get yours HERE.

#7. DIY Puzzle

Buys Toddler/Instagram

And if you don’t want to invest in chunky baby puzzles, you can simply DIY. Every parent loves a great DIY and this one’s soooo easy. Just cut out cereal boxes and have your kid assemble it.

#8. Shape Matching

Busy Toddler/Instagram

Another easy idea for keeping toddlers busy is through this busy bag. It makes use of sponge sheets (or felt cloth will do) and some empty toilet paper rolls.

#9. Sponge Painting

If you are up for some messy time, then keep your toddler busy with sponge painting. Just make sure you have all the necessary protective sheets to isolate the messes.

#10. Sticky Shapes

Keep those little hand busy with these sticky shapes. Not only will your toddler have fun but they’ll also develop their hand-eye coordination.

Which ones is your favorite? There are more ideas for keeping toddlers busy and you can check them out on Susie’s official website or her Instagram. Follow her for more ideas!

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