When going out with kids, you have to consider how convenient one place is for you and your baby and you have to worry about what happens once he or she gets grumpy and cranky. At least, that’s how it was and is for me. Fortunately, there are many kid-friendly places in Cebu perfect for a family date.

My list is for those who want to enjoy a leisure family date without having to worry about sleepy time because simply there are rest areas around. Most of these places also have breastfeeding stations, which was one of the most important things I had considered before going out when I was still actively nursing Kai. And of course, there should be playhouses where your kid can have all the fun he or she wants.

If you happen to visit Cebu with your kids, consider taking them to these kid-friendly places.

#1. SM Seaside

Source: MyCebu

There are three SM malls in the city but if you want the best experience, complete with free playground and waterpark access, fun shopping and great dining choices, SM Seaside has got to be the best of them all. They recently opened their Women’s Facilities section but I haven’t been to that area of the mall.¬† Besides the waterpark and playground, which are open to the public, the mall also has playhouses like KidZoona and Kevin’s Toys & Library.

SM Seaside’s waterpark!

Just a heads up, though, SM Seaside can be really big and you could easily get lost inside the mall.

#2. Ayala Mall

This mall has lactation rooms for moms and lounging areas for families, especially those with kids. They have the new Kid’s Paradise indoor playhouse, which has become our new favorite playhouse for Kai. There’s also a free playground, mostly composed of rope climbing areas for kids and wave monkey bar installation.

#3. Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery

Fancy oysters? Seafood and fishing? It’s the place to go for families who love seafood. Bangus and oysters are the main specialties of this restaurant located in Tayud, Consolacion.

Here’s Daddy and Kai… love this photo!

Fish, fish, fish!

Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba/Facebook

They offer cottages for rent within a fish pond, and if you decide to go fishing, just ask the shop owners for the bait, rod, hook and line. You can either let the fish go or make it as your fresh catch to be cooked in any way you desire.

#4. Parkmall

I just love Parkmall, although we don’t get to visit it often these days. It’s just a small mall (it rhymes) but I love it for being pet-friendly. It’s where most pet-related events are hosted. And that also means you get to see dogs (mostly) inside the building!!! Being the animal lover that I am, I just love the vibe of this whole place and the opportunity to meet adorable furballs.

Not only that, it has one of the best indoor playhouses in town, PlayMaze.

#5. D’ Family Park

It’s in the name. Need I say more? Family park in Talamban has a wide grassy area perfect to let your kid/s run around and expend that energy. We haven’t brought Kai to the area and maybe we won’t until it’s summer. I’m expecting puddles because of the rainy season. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to have a picnic with your family.

#6. Cebu Happymong’s Kidspark

It’s another place we haven’t been to as a family. It’s home to giant inflatables – totally heaven for children. It’s got an average of 4.2 stars on Facebook, so I guess it’s worth a shot.

Got any more fun places in Cebu you like to share? Hit the comments section below. Also, check out fun things you can do when in Cebu by visiting this site.

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