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Kai’s Day Out at Kids Paradise Ayala Cebu – Review




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One of the perks of being home-based workers is that we can just leave the house anytime and any day we want. Yesterday, we took Kai to this quite new playhouse in Ayala located beside Gold’s Gym. – – Kids Paradise.

I learned about its existence through my friend who posted pictures of her daughter in the playhouse so we decided to take our boy there as well.  He loves playhouses – – every kid does. So here are some of the pics.

Here’s Kai going down the wide motion-sensor slide.

Kids Paradise is an indoor playground at Ayala Center Cebu

Each time a kid goes down the slide, the keys of the piano make a sound. There are other projected media as well, like fish in the sea, leaves or even Fruit Ninja.

It’s awesome.

I must say, I like this indoor playground better than the likes of Dave’s Playhouse or Kevin’s Toys.

Kids Paradise Ayala Cebu’s space may not be as wide as Kidzoona’s but it managed to maximize the room, offering different kinds of play areas.

There’s this climb to the highest twisted slide in the room…

… And this ball pit in Kids Paradise Ayala Cebu that has everything in it.

The slides, a house, a banana seesaw and an inflatable wheel.

Upstairs, you can find the kinetic sand table, the TV room, little slides and of course this pretty water bed trampoline.

This is where Kai spent most of his time.

Colorful lights change in this water bed.

Back downstairs and further inside the playhouse, you can find the blocks area, hanging bridges, the sandbar (not allowed for kids below five years old) and several rocking horses to play with.

Kai stopped by to play with these connecting pipe toys.

And when he can’t put them together, he’ll throw a fit. That’s my boy.

So the best thing about Kids Paradise Ayala Cebu is that it’s got a lot of toys and areas for kids to play in. The fee is not so bad: P200 for an hour, P300 for two hours and P400 for unlimited playtime. The place is great –we’d come back to this indoor playground anytime.

The only problem with Kids Paradise Ayala Cebu is the inefficiency of some attendants. There are so many of them but only one was behind the counter attending to newcomers. I have to say kudos to those assigned to keep the place clean, especially around the kinetic sand table.

Overall, we love this place. We’ve found a new favorite!

Have you been to Kids Paradise Ayala Cebu? Share your experience with me by hitting down the comments section below.

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