10 Cutest and Funniest Things Kids Say About Love and Marriage


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Get a kid to share his or her opinion about adult matters and you’ll be giggling so hard. They have hilarious explanations about grown-up stuff. But when it comes to love and marraige — it can be complicated and sometimes, children get confused too.

We know how kids say the darnedest things,¬†and there’s more proof to that statement. Check out what young children can say about love and marriage.

#1. This kid knows how love, marriage works…

Kids can say hilarious things about love and marriage.

#2. She knows it all too well…

#3. That’s the way it should be.

#4. Taking a shower is really important, folks!

#5. She’s got a point.

#6. Because good looks are not everything.

#7. Cupid at work…

#8. ‘Attention ain’t the same thing as love.’

#9. You have to hold on to that ring!

#10. The return policy of marriage