#Kinderjoy Series – The Beginning


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I’m feeling bored in my head right now, even though I do have tasks from clients. Let’s just say I want to do something with this blog and I want to do something different. And also because I just need an outlet for this developing story. I want to capture it. Because it’s an adorable story involving our five-year-old son and a girl, we believe, is his first crush.

First, I want to mention a friend, Gecine, for sparking this idea with her hashtag, #kinderjoy. It’s a play between the Kinder Surprise Eggs (a favorite of my son, and I’m pretty sure of many kids around the world) and the fact that it is the story of simple joys in the lives of kindergarteners.

I would also like to note that in no way am I condoning early relationships Haha! I just find this innocent friendship of theirs too pure and heartwarming, that I want to write about it. Okay, maybe it reminds me of those cute friendship stories that begin in rom-coms. Ugh!

So, let me start by naming the girl, Hannah. Anyone who’s a friend of mine on my personal social will know the real name of this kid. But since I’m not comfortable mentioning it on my blog without permission from her mom, then I’m going to refer to her, at the moment, as Hannah.

The Beginning

I can’t recall exactly when this adorable friendship started. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in 2019. Dude, I checked my Google photos for clues and triggers to help me remember. Plus, I verified with the boy when this was. I asked him if he had given her a present on Christmas, to which he replied no. That means it wasn’t in December.

I’m certain it was sometime this year, most likely in January. I don’t exactly know how it happened, but he told me it started when “we got on the swing together.” Oooh..you can just imagine how adorably it started.

Moving on, I did notice that this girl somehow knew about Kai’s name. She even calls him ALWAYS by his first and second name. This reminds me of the Netflix Series, “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.” If you’ve watched it, you know how LJ always calls John Ambrose, and this is what John Ambrose liked about her – the fact that she calls him by his first and second name. Haha! It’s funny, that’s how I thought about Kai and Hannah. Lol

Note that they’re both in K1 but don’t belong in the same class. They only get to see each other after class. However, Hannah’s cousin, Z, is Kai’s classmate.

I do remember it was a time when she called out Kai’s name. And they hung out by the swing and played for a while. From that moment, Kai never stopped asking about her. I believe he was just happy someone played with him and made friends with him.

Every day, Kai would ask me to stay a bit longer after class because he still wanted to play with Hannah. And that would mean I have to stay longer than usual, or wait for Hannah to come out of the room, or even making sure I arrive early to pick up Kai.

That went on for weeks, until everyone noticed their friendship. Who wouldn’t? Once he comes out of the classroom, Kai would ask for Hannah. And he tends to have a loud voice and of course, everyone could hear him asking for Hannah. Not to mention, he would call out her name when everything seems quiet. When she comes out of the classroom, he would go up to her and tell her gibberish stuff.

Once it’s time to leave the school premises, there would be exchanges of long goodbyes.

I’ll stop here. I have to prepare lunch. Next up, I will write about Valentine’s Day and how all this made Ivan and I wonder if it’s possible that Kai has stronger feelings for this girl. 😀