The Lion King 2019: Kai’s First-Ever Movie Theater Experience


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We’ve been holding off on bringing Kai to the movie theater for fear that we might get kicked out. Because, really, this kid can’t stop talking and doesn’t run out of questions to ask. We wanted to bring him to watch The Avengers or any of the Marvel films when he was around three years old because he became obsessed with them at some point. He even went as Thor for last year’s Halloween.

But when I learned last year about the release of The Lion King live-action adaptation for this year, I knew it was going to be the first movie Kai will watch on the big screen. And yes, it happened on the day of my birthday!

It was a fun day for me. I had lunch with my family with awesome roast beef from Maco Manok (If you’re craving for mouth-watering roast beef in Cebu, it’s got to be Maco). And it turned out to be a day out with my siblings as well. It was a great opportunity for us to watch The Lion King 2019 because it was the weekend and everyone was free, even Ivan. So late in the afternoon on my birthday, we went to Robinson’s Galleria.

What’s great is that my niece was around, which means Kai had his favorite person around. I also had backup in case he couldn’t control his mouth.

Kai’s The Lion King 2019 Movie Experience

To our surprise, our boy was well-behaved the entire time, eating his lollipop and popcorn as he was seated beside his cousin. We were so happy he was having fun. He listened to the story, paid attention to the movie, and reacted to funny and exciting scenes. The movie had a running time of almost 2 hours and our boy survived through it!

We were impressed and we were just so proud of him. This also means we can now take him to the movies. I have to note though that there were his usual moments of asking so many questions about what happened. But whenever I told him to keep his voice down, he’d simply obey.

At some point in the movie, he got bored and asked to go home because he missed his toys. His words. Those are usually his words whenever he wants to go home. I just believe he really does miss playing with his toys. But that brief moment of boredom ended abruptly when the action scenes came on. You know, that time when Simba came home to confront Scar and all that, with Pumba and Timon being chosen as the live bait for hyenas. Yeah, that was an exciting scene that made Kai jump in his seat.

Meanwhile, watching the movie also brought out the happy kid in me. I could never forget I was watching this movie when I was little and I cried when Mufasa died. I also couldn’t help but sing and move about when the songs “I Can’t Wait to Be King” and “Hakuna Matata” came on.

Thanks to my bro for the photos. I don’t have them because I am lazy to get my phone out for pics

It was a great birthday celebration with the family and letting Kai have his first movie experience added to it. It was indeed a pleasant experience. I had my own family with me as well as my siblings. And of course, there won’t be any problem should we want to watch family-friendly movies in the future.