Lost My Cool When My Kid Refuses To Go To Sleep


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It’s almost 2 a.m. and my boy hasn’t gone to sleep despite being so tired from his fun date with his sister at the playhouse. Kai was clearly exhausted after an hour of running around, climbing up and down ladders and ropes, and going down the slide in the indoor playground. He only had about 30 minutes of his afternoon nap today, so we know so well he would sleep early.

We were nearing home when it’s almost 10 p.m. and he’d been very quiet. He’s sleepy, it’s obvious. And 10 minutes away from our house, he fell asleep. I carried him and put him to bed and just when I was about to close the door, he woke up. And from there, it was a four-hour battle to get him to sleep.

I had played a game, I had written an article and still, he was just there, tossing and turning – sometimes, singing some tunes. I decided to make him some milk and somehow it worked. A few minutes later, he settled down. But just as he was about to fall into a deep sleep, the hub ruined it — just like he usually does.

The dad got up from his chair, mumbled loudly with his playful tone calling out to Kai, and carelessly moved about, stepping on some toys to produce loud noises. I had no idea why he did that. You’ll be pissed off, naturally. It was a complete “WTH” reaction from me. No. Really. What. The. Hell?

And that’s when I lost it all. I gritted my teeth and started to yell. Yes, it was a quiet night and I was raising my voice at them. I still got things to do, you know? And I couldn’t do it because I still have to make sure our kid goes to bed. And he just took up four hours of my time before Daddy made it worse.

The little one’s down now, finally. But still, I haven’t moved on from the fact that a grown man purposely made loud noises to awaken our child when I spent the last four hours trying to get him to sleep. What’s up with men?

I guess Kai’s back to his bad sleeping habits. Time to fix it again.


  1. OH MAN!! I can so identify with this! All 4 of my kids were non sleepers. The girls both were a lot like Kai!!!
    When we had our foster baby last year, he was in our room and a light sleeper. My husband would walk into our bathroom, put the light on and flush the loo – cue waking baby!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THAN ONCE!!!!!!! ARGH!

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