LTO Student Permit Requirements – TESDA Certificate 2020


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This article is part of my 2-part series on how to get a driver’s license in the Philippines. My sister and I have been putting off on getting a license and finally learning how to drive. Yes, we’re both in our 30’s (she’s nearing her 40s) and we don’t have a license and we haven’t learned how to drive a car yet (emphasis on the car because we can drive a motorcycle lol) But since it was circulating on social media that part of LTO student permit requirements is to get a TESDA certificate once 2020 hits, I quickly freed a Monday just so I can attend to this matter.

But NEWS FLASH! It was all fake. As reported in the Manila Bulletin, LTO clarified that it won’t require people to acquire certificates from TESDA just to get an LTO Student Permit!

Plus, we’ve heard from someone in the LTO, who was surprised at the number of people who went to comply with the LTO Student Permit requirements that day. I heard said person mentioned it must have been the “fake news” that circulated, which prompted people to work on the student permits ASAP. Well, true. It was the force that drove me to be patient with the waiting and sacrificing time for my home-based work.

LTO did announce that it will have a more stringent process when applying for a license. In short, new drivers who need to go through driving lessons must receive them from instructors who are accredited by LTO or certified by TESDA. This might mean a more expensive way to learn how to drive but LTO will also offer their driving lessons at a much lower fee.

So before you go crazy about the whole TESDA thing, it’s false information. Also, the new LTO requirements 2020 has yet to be finalized. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing what you’ve been holding off for a while. Well, I’m talking about myself or speaking for my sister. If you can do one thing now, do it. Note to self – that’s a mindset I need to maintain in 2020!

So on to the LTO student permit requirements 2020. What should you do? What should you bring? What do you need to expect when applying for a student driver permit at LTO?

Things to Bring When Applying for LTO Student Permit

It’s going to be a long wait at the LTO Office so it helps if you prepare ahead. Make sure you have the following before leaving your home:

  • Your own pen – you don’t want to wait turns to use the pen at the office so bring your own.
  • original and photocopy of your birth certificate and marriage contract (for married women)
  • Other requirements listed on the official site include:
    • For minors, original copy of duly notarized parent’s consent or affidavit of a person having custody/care or supervision over the minor applicant authorizing the applicant to secure a student permit with original and photocopy of one (1) valid government-issued ID of the parent/affiant with photo and signature.
    • Original and one copy of any issued ID with photo and signature of the applicant.
    • Original and one copy of any issued ID with photo and signature of the applicant.

Steps to Apply for LTO Student Permit

I applied mine in Lapu-Lapu City; I started at 8 a.m. and finished at 1 p.m. (lol). Yep, it took that long – no surprise there! First of all, you need to undergo a medical checkup, which is located at the back of the LTO Lapu-Lapu office. Pay 400 to get the form, which you need to accomplish. Then proceed to the next step, which is to see the doctor. After accomplishing the form, just give it to the people in the medical cubicle and wait to be called.

Once you’re done with the checkup, it’s time to go to the main office to get your application form. NOTE: I had downloaded the form online and accomplished it the night before but it turns out they won’t honor it. *rolleyes* So I had to get the form from the lady near the entrance and fill it out again.

After that, just give the form back to the lady, who will then give it to the processing window. From this point, you’ll just wait for your name to be called and which counter/window you should go to.

The first call will be to ask for your signature and your photo. The second call will be for the payment of P317, and the third call will be the releasing and getting your permit and affixing your signature on the logsheet.

Summary of Steps to Get a Student Permit

  1. Go for a medical checkup at an LTO credited clinic
  2. Get the hard-copy of your medical report
  3. proceed to the LTO office
  4. Get an Application for Driver’s License form and accomplish it
  5. Submit the medical report together with the application form
  6. Wait for your name to be called
  7. Have your photo and signature taken
  8. Pay for the fees (P317)
  9. Wait for the release of your student permit
  10. Fill out the logsheet.

And that’s it! I checked the steps on the website and there are some of those steps that didn’t apply, like reciting the driver’s pledge – I didn’t have to do all that. So the abovementioned steps are the only steps that I took at the Lapu-Lapu City Office.

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