May 2021 Update


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Between juggling clients and the lack of motivation to write, I ended up not paying attention to my blog!

And I just had other new activities that made me neglect it! Haha!

So COVID-19 happened (and is still here) and thankfully, we’re doing great and fortunate enough to have not been affected by this crisis. Towards the end of 2020, my partner bought me an iPad Pro, which is part of the reason why I’m no longer blogging that much – I am having so much fun drawing. I have yet to make a review about this gadget!!!!

And then there’s us doing private sessions of Muay Thai. It’s a family thing and it makes us get up and get moving instead of just sitting around on our asses. And yes, it’s to keep us healthy and be in shape to boost our immune systems. We’re almost on our third month so that’s an accomplishment! And we’re having fun, investing in gears and all. I’m all bruised up and I have body aches here and there, but I’m loving it. Oh and Kai is enjoying it too!

While things are a lot better than last year, the fact that we can’t go around traveling remains. Instead, we find little ways where we can spend time with each other, on our feet and having fun. So, we recently made hiking another “thing.” I have yet to make a blog post about it.

And then just last month, Ivan had help from his friend to have a super PC assembled for me. So yeah, I am doing video editing now and more on graphics and illustrations for my French client, so yes, I need to have a super-fast PC. And super fast it is! It made my work a lot easier. Thank you to my hub for always looking out for me. But really, he’s so jealous of my PC we’re sharing it now. I use it mostly during the day and he uses it at night since he works the night shift.

Kai just had his moving up ceremony, which sucks because we didn’t get to see him go up a stage, receiving awards, etc – the usual stuff. COVID sucks. So yeah, he’s officially done with Kindergarten! And my bonus kid just turned 15 – demmit! I was once 15 haha! Me old!

There’s a lot that’s happened and I wish I’d written more about it just to keep memories. Kai is a punk rocker – yes he listens to punk/pop punk music – I’m talking about No Use for a Name, Mayday Parade, the Story so Far, Neck Deep, Lagwagon, NOFX, Get Up Kids,etc. But I tried to get him to stay off NOFX HAHA! He knows how to search songs on Spotify so I have to be more careful. Some of those songs have profanities, but I just tell him to stay off those with “bad words.” Yeah?

Well how he not be punk rock when his parents also play the same music in the car. And also, he is great at memorizing lyrics. I’ve never memorized lyrics from songs of NUFAN, but apparently, he memorized them all. And yeah, he has his own playlist containing NUFAN, Mayday Parade and other punk rock bands.

Oh and I’m on IG with my illustrations. Do check it out by clicking here and support me LOL or buy me coffee because coffee is life!

So I’ll end it here and I hope to make another update soon.