Motherhood Tattoos: Got Myself A New Mother and Child Tattoo


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I have to write this down because I’m not good with dates. So yesterday, Dec. 18, 2017, I got myself a new tattoo. So, I now have a total of six tats mostly on my lower arm and fingers. Coming up with a design was easy — I just had to think of anything that has to do with motherhood or breastfeeding.

I want my tats to be meaningful. They have to say something about me. The first one was a matching tattoo with Kai’s dad on my right wrist many years ago. The second one was a symbol for a dog lover on my left wrist. It’s an image of a paw inside a heart. I also had the G-clef tattooed on my left middle finger. The fourth one was Kai’s actual footprint.

The moment Kai arrived I knew I would get tattoos about him and the first one was the footprint. It should be the footprint. And there’s this thing about getting a tattoo — you somehow become addicted to it. Addicted to the stinging sensation. You get hooked on the pain as well as seeing color on your body. That’s how it is for me. I was itching to get a new tattoo so here it is.

Preparing for the session.

Mother and child tattoo 2017.

My battery was low so wasn’t able to take a photo while the session is ongoing.

As always, we went to my artist, Haryboi¬†Ruiz. He’s been my tattoo artist from the start and he’ll continue to be until he chooses to retire or something. I trust this guy when it comes to my body art.

I found the design on Pinterest because that’s where you really find awesome and cool stuff. It’s a breastfeeding tattoo with colorful splashes. I’m a proud breastfeeding mom and¬† I’ve written about that several times on this blog so a tattoo about that will definitely go on my skin. Can’t miss that.

I also got a cross tattoo on the side of my right middle finger.

I’ve always been fascinated with crosses. I like to look at them and because I want another tat on my finger, I went for it. It was a tolerable yet very unusual kind of pain to have an ink on that site.

The session lasted about an hour and a half with Beauty and the Beast on TV. But my focus was on how to block the pain because really, this tat hurt. But with such talent by Harry, you can never go wrong and the pain is definitely worth it.

If you plan to get a tattoo in Cebu, visit Harry’s place. You can find him on Instagram for more inquiries. And if you’re looking for neat tattoo designs, make Pinterest your go-to site. Here are just some of the awesome parenting/motherhood/breastfeeding tattoo designs:

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