Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For the Stationery Addict


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Stationery addicts are somehow the easiest people to please when it comes to gifts. I know because I am one. Ha! I’m a mother and a stationery addict and I know a lot of moms who share the same love for paper and pretty things. If you want to make your mom or a mom friend – who also has a penchant for hoarding notebooks, pens and cute things- happy, it’s rather easy.

Check out my Mother’s Day gift guide – for the stationery addict and get some ideas on what to give this year.

Pretty Paper Things

Stationery addicts can’t get enough of paper. Paper stuff is always welcome. It’s good to see cute and unique designs on paper that will be used for taking down notes, listing out groceries, writing daily tasks and/or recipes.

  1. Desk planner
  2. Notepad/to-do list
  3. Sticky note book
  4. Memo block

Pens, pens and more pens

It’s easy to fall in love with and collect pens. I have different kinds of pens but I am certain someone out there has a bigger collection. I am also certain if you give one of these (or all) pens to a stationery addict, they’ll be over the moon.

  1. Highlighters
  2. Midliners
  3. Artist pens
  4. Personalized fountain pen

Journals and Planners

Journals and planners are great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. It’s personal and it’s functional. In my previous post, I’ve mentioned the reasons why getting a journal is a great way for moms to get organized. And I’ll say it again. It is a wonderful idea. You’ll make us really happy! Journaling is a great way to bust stress and it has worked for moms.

  1. Erin Condren Planner
  2. Moleskine
  3. Leuchtterm
  4. Prayer Journal
  5. Gratitude Journal
  6. Mom-son journal
  7. Mom-daughter Journal


There are many different desk organizers that not only serve their purpose but are also uniquely and beautifully designed. Check out below for awesome finds! Notice I have a thing for wooden desk organizers. I just think they’re gorgeous!

Other Pretty Stuff

What do you think of this gift guide? Got more to add?

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