My Busy Books Review: Storybook With Figurines and Playmat, Fun Reading Time


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As a kid, I loved books and I enjoyed reading. It was something that my dad was happy about. But as I grew older, especially now that I’m a mom, I couldn’t find the time to sit with a book. Still, I believe the benefits of reading to a child, which is why I exposed Kai to books at such an early age.

I can’t exactly remember when I started reading to him but I’m pretty sure he was less than six months old. I’d read to him the bedtime collection given by his godmother as a gift. I also bought the 365 Animal Stories and Rhymes for Boys for him and he wasn’t even a year old then.

Reading is a great way to bond with your kid.

Lars Plougmann/Flickr

I saw what reading did to him — he would sit and listen (even though it will be only a few minutes before he starts to get distracted) and pay attention to the story, repeating some words that I’ve read aloud. Soon, I discovered My Busy Books through a friend and I thought that this would be a more fun way to get your kid excited about reading time.

Kai’s My Busy Books collection.

Who wouldn’t be excited? The awesome story book, which costs Php500, comes with 12 figurines/characters and a playmat so you and your kid can make reading stories even more engaging. I’m even thrilled to see lots and lots of busy books when I went to National Bookstore. I wanted to buy them all! It’s important to note though that this product is not for kids below three years old due to choking hazards, unless you are certain you will never leave your little one playing with the figurines all by himself.

I still bought the books for Kai though because I only take it out during storytime. Also, I have observed in the first two years of his life up to the present day, he never puts anything in his mouth. He never had that moment where he would take his toys drool coat them (Putting a cockroach egg inside his mouth, however, is another story, which I hope to share one day).

Kai’s first My Busy Books is Superman.

Not a DC fan – I’m more of Marvel, but bought him one anyway because of Superman. He knows the guy from watching YouTube and because he has Superman items as a present from his godmother. After reading the busy book, he quickly picked up the villain names. I haven’t even encountered any of these villains before except maybe for Lex Luthor.

And Yay! The Avengers!

Finally, Marvel! It took time for me to find this one because all SM branches of National Bookstore didn’t have it. I couldn’t find one in Ayala either. So I let it pass until I visited National Bookstore near our place and I didn’t hesitate to get it. Kai knows more Marvel characters compared to DC. And of course, I just had to get it because he loved Iron Man at one point.

His latest so far – Spongebob Squarepants!

There was a time when Kai was all about Spongebob! He’s really my son because I’m such a big SBSP fan. There was a time when all he would watch on YouTube is Spongebob and he would have that “Best Day Ever” music video on repeat. So, I got him the busy book.

My Busy Books purchase has not ended. I have yet to find Inside Out and Paw Patrol because I’m going to buy them next. Yes, Kai’s into them at the moment and I know he’ll be thrilled to see his favorite character, Anger and Chase!

If you’re interested in these fun storybooks, you can check out a lot of them at National Bookstore. If you check out Phidal publishing, they also have Frozen, Disney Princesses, Cars, Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony, Dora the Explorer, Kung Fu Panda, and Toy Story, among others.

Do you read to your kid every day? Do you also own My Busy Books? Sound off in the comments section below!