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My Son Won’t Poop In The Potty




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It’s been my struggle for two years now – to get Kai to poop in the potty. It was great that he learned how to pee without a diaper on when he was about two but pooping is a different story.

There was a time when he was able to go poop in the potty but I remember so well he got scared no matter how calm I was when I praised him. He cried so loud and he wouldn’t go poop in the potty ever since.

Diapers are only for pooping.

So yeah, for almost two years now, we’re using diapers only for pooping. He’d go pee on his own but when it’s time for sh*t, it’s always “I need diaper.”

In that span of time, we’ve fought because he’s so stubborn. Too stubborn to listen even when I’m at my calmest and most reassuring self. I’ve done encouragements, positive approach, rewards, and still, nada.

This week, he managed to go to the potty to poop but we didn’t go down without a fight. I ran out of diapers and had never planned to buy more because I want him to have no choice.

But then I felt it was all too cruel. I saw how it was a torture for him. I remember other moms telling me not to force.

NOTHING ever worked.

Brenda of Mom’s Mixed Family Blender, however, thinks I’m doing the right thing. Sounds cruel, but the thing is boys don’t want to do something that they don’t like to do. Mine is reeeaaally stubborn because nothing works. Not even his favorite MnMs or a time for sand painting.

But if I’ll never let him practice he will not learn that it’s okay to go potty. He’s turning four this year and it would be awesome if diapers are no longer used in this household.

Really, I’m frustrated. I’m torn. I’m not sure what to do about this. So here I am.. Momma to momma.. HELP?

I would love to hear suggestions on how to make this poop training work. Leave me a comment below.

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