Best Baby Nasal Aspirator For Congestion: Definitely Not For The Squeamish


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The snot sucker, or more appropriately baby nasal aspirator, is one tool that I have said goodbye to a long time ago. I now have a three-year-old who can blow his nose when asked to but I have to share — especially to new moms — why I think a human-powered aspirator can be the best choice of nasal aspirator to clear congestion in babies.

Kai learned how to blow his nose when asked to – and that was when he was around 20 months (I can’t exactly remember). But before that, I had to use a bulb syringe, the one typically used by many parents and in hospital settings. I can’t remember how I found the human-powered aspirator (tube-type), as what Care calls it, but I’m glad I did. Most moms I know like to use the standard bulb syringe. Me? I found joy in sucking the snot out of my little boy’s nose. The sound it makes is just lovely. I know it’s weird.

The snot-sucking baby nasal aspirator from Bebeta.

The best baby nasal aspirator has to be one that is powered by human suction

After I found that this type of tool exists, I went on searching online and I was ready to buy one from Lazada. But I waited it out and we went to the mall to buy a few things. I stopped by at the baby section and there it was! A snot-sucking device from Bebeta.

As a new mom, you’ll find that baby nasal aspirators come in very handy. Babies are prone to colds because their immune system hasn’t fully developed yet. They don’t know how to blow their nose on their own so it gets clogged over time, making it harder for them to breathe. Having a baby also means you’ll be dealing with mucus and when you do, you just can’t let it pass without doing anything. Not only do you want your baby to feel comfortable but you also get that gratifying feeling of removing the mucus. I know I did and boy was it so satisfying to see the snot collect inside the receptacle.

If you haven’t found your human-powered nasal aspirator, below is a great selection from Amazon.

I kinda miss the snot sucking sound the tube type nasal aspirator means. I know it would gross out some moms and most people. One friend told me she was grossed out by the idea, but another friend said that when it’s your flesh and blood it wouldn’t matter. Both are good friends of mine and neither are mothers.

I’ve ditched the tube-type nasal aspirator and what that means is I will no longer have a hard time clearing Kai’s nose of snot. He won’t be struggling and we’ll all be friends. Everything’s good. But deep inside, it also means that my boy is slowly growing up – it was one of the steps he took to show mommy that he’s already big. It’s just like saying goodbye to his soft-bristled hairbrush, or the diaper changing pad, or the food masher. The reality is I’ve said a lot of goodbyes to many baby things.

Here’s another great product from Ecopiggy.

This one’s from Ecopiggy!

There’s just one thing to note about this type of baby nasal aspirator…

It’s not for the squeamish!

Yes, I understand it would be gross for people who are squeamish, but I had a great time with it. It definitely cleared the snot out of my little boy’s nose very effectively. You gotta be careful though when sucking in too hard – it happened to me – and it’s not pleasant!

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This post was published in October 2016 and edited in May 2018.

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