I’ve Been Nominated For the Liebster Award 2017


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I’m so honored to have received the 2017 Liebster Award nomination, which I just found out works for newbie bloggers like me! It helps increase exposure for those who are fairly new to blogging. For that, I have to thank the gorgeous mom, Susan of the Petite Pepper, who gave me this opportunity to connect with other bloggers.

Susan is also a first-time mom who shares a lot of helpful tips for new mommas out there who may struggle with this journey called motherhood. She not only shares her mom journey from pregnancy to toddler years, but she’s also down to talk about wine! Check her out!

All About the Liebster Award

I’ve never heard of this award until now, and thankfully I did. As The Global Aussie put it:

“The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. A great idea in promoting your own blog and others. Originally it was given out to blogs with less than 2000 readers but this has slowly lowed as the reward has gained popularity. It is now only 200 readers or less.”

If you have been nominated, you’ll need to follow some simple rules. You can find out more about this awesome award and the rules at The Global Aussie.

As mentioned, it’s a way to promote my blog and other people’s blog as well. So here, I will be promoting a blog that I think deserves to be recognized more.

Meet the Mommy Daddy Nomad, a fun, adventure-loving family.

I found them on Instagram and have been following their posts. What’s not to love about this adventure-seeking gorgeous couple with their oh-so-adorable little kid tagging along? I love the idea of traveling with my family, but we don’t really do it as often as other people do. MommyDaddyNomad fascinates me since I know the struggles of traveling with a grumpy and cranky toddler. However, they make it look easy as they share their wonderful journey traveling to places and discovering paradise with their toddler. They also offer valuable travel tips for families with little ones. If you go ahead and check out their IG, you’ll understand why I love them.

10 Random Facts About Me

Moving on, I want my readers to know a little about me.

  1. I Love dogs.
  2. I still laugh at kids’ cartoons.
  3. I don’t like horror movies.
  4. I love durian! Not the candy- but the fruit.
  5. I can’t swim.
  6. My ultimate celebrity crush is Gerard Butler.
  7. I’m an online news writer.
  8. I am shy when it comes to interacting with other people, but once I warmed up to you, I can be crazy.
  9. I play Ragnarok Online, a game I used to hate almost 10 years ago.
  10. I enjoy arts and crafts.

As part of the challenge, I need to answer fun questions from Susan. So here they are:

Name the top 3 most beautiful beaches you have ever visited:

I’m from the Philippines, the tropical country with so many beautiful beaches. My Top 3 would have to be Bantayan Island, Panglao (Bohol) and Boracay. I’ve written about the first two on my blog.

What is your favorite post from your blog and why? (please include link)

It had to be the Breastfeeding Diaries because I wanted to let new moms know that breastfeeding is a real challenge. What was written there was based on my experience as a milk-making momma.

What makes you laugh out loud?

My partner dancing like crazy.

If you could only take 1 more trip, where would you go and why?

The Netherlands, particularly the Giethoorn. I just think it’s an awesome place to be in.

What is the greatest thing that has happened to you this month?

I learned about photo-editing using VSCO so I can produce nicer photos for my blog. lol Thank you to Bethanie Garcia for that.

How do you start your day?

I wake up, head to the bathroom, and then I come back to the room and sit down in front of my computer. I do this while everyone’s still asleep. My son and my partner usually wake up late.

Why did you start your blog? Where do you see it a year from now?

I wanted to blog about my journey as a mom and also as a way to keep memories of my precious boy. A year from now, I hope to see many new-moms subscribing to my blog, connecting with them and having them agree (disagree) with some of the articles I posted.

How do you spend a rainy day?

Mostly in bed, watching a movie and finding anything to munch on.

Name 3 qualities that describe you

Introvert, honest, devoted.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten

“You’re never too old to start something new.”

My Blog Picks!

  1. Happy Pinay Mommy
  2. Jaja of Primadonne
  3. Nick and Chantelle of MommyDaddyNomad
  4. Lauren of Simplymom.org
  5. Karen of MamaBearSays
  6. Living for the Sunshine
  7. Nicolle of OurTinyNest
  8. Jessica of GraceandFord
  9. Jamie of xoxomama
  10. Elyse of Lifestyle Therapy
  11. Jaclyn of Coffee Pancakes and Dreams
  12. Krystle of thebeekeper
  13. Chris of Kinsley Rose

Now it’s my turn to ask questions from my top picks.

1. What’s the most fun thing about traveling?
2. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?
3. Bike or Train?
4. What’s the most unique dish you’ve ever tasted?
5. Batman vs. Spiderman: Who do you think will win?
6. How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Justify your answer!
7. When do you find time to blog?
8. If you were going to be a character in someone’s book, who would you like to write it?
9. What is the scariest thing you have experienced while traveling?
10. If you could give someone $1,000,000 who would you give it to?
11. Apple or Samsung?

I had fun with this challenge and I hope you will too. Share your Liebster Award post once you’re done in the comments section below. I would love to read what answers you have to my questions. Also, don’t forget to share the link to The Global Aussie’s post here.

Let’s have fun!


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