Getting Organized as a Mom: My Bullet Journal Story


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Life as a mom can be crazy – that’s too cliche, but it’s the truth. I, for one, can never get things done. I work at home, juggling 2-3 jobs, and I have two male humans to look after in this house. While I get help from my awesome man from time to time, the things I need to do seem endless. It’s hard to get your life organized but I get there are moms who have done it so well.

Take my mom and my man’s mom for instance. They are clean freaks who just can’t stand not doing anything about the house mess. I am far from being one. Call me lazy or whatever. But really, I have articles to write and edit, posts to promote, images to create, and I also have my websites to worry about. And I have a clingy pre-schooler, who comes to me every three minutes and annoys me by playing with my nipple. Or asks me to do something for him even if his dad is the one who’s available. Yeah. That’s Kai.

But in recent months, I managed to get on top of my game — maybe not always but it’s much better now since I started bullet journaling.

What Is A Bullet Journal Anyway?

I can count with my fingers the people I personally know who knows that I am into bullet journaling. I’ve been wanting to write on this topic but I just didn’t have the time. So yes, this plan was in my bullet journal and the goal is to share more about what it really is and the how-tos.

For anyone who doesn’t have any idea what bullet journaling is, it is basically an organizational system – a to-do list, only customized to your preference. It is one notebook where you keep your lists, the tasks and even your doodles, if you wish. If you’re into listing things you need to do in a day or week, then bullet journaling will be perfect for you.

The system is developed by Ryder Carroll and if you check the official website, you’ll find how very simple and minimalistic this is. However, people have gotten creative and made bullet journals so pretty, you’d want to have one. I know I did. I recommend checking out Ryder Carroll’s bullet journal video first if you’re considering this method.

Check out the video below!

I can’t remember exactly what pushed me to do bullet journaling but I do remember it was in 2017 when I stumbled upon a beautiful journal spread that I told myself I have to do that. I gave it a try early in 2017 and bought myself a dotted notebook by Victoria’s Journals, which was on sale at that time. I didn’t like how my spreads looked so I quit. I stopped also because I told myself, I couldn’t keep up with tracking my daily activities or tasks. I also thought I have the same tasks every day, what else could I possibly write about?

And in January this year, the idea came to me again. It’s as if bullet journaling was calling to me. So I bought a new notebook from Papernotes, and I’ve been bullet journaling since. I thought it was just some phase but you know what they say, habits are formed in 21 days and I’ve been doing this journal since January so it’s safe to say I’m sticking with it. Finally.

How A Bullet Journal Helped Me

Helps me finish my tasks.

I never really thought that I could fill up one page with tasks for the day or the week. But as I continued with the bullet journal, I found that there is something to write after all. I have mommy brains – I tend to forget even the simplest of all things needed to be done at home. Now that my kid is a preschooler and I also got a new job as a virtual assistant recently, I needed the bullet journal even more. If you’re like me who feels like there are a million things to do and just too little time, you might find this system could work. Note that I am not the organized type, but this really helped.

Here’s my yellow spread from April.

My daily log typically consists of tasks like “publish 1 blog post,” “schedule Facebook posts until (insert day),” “write two articles for (insert website),” “create pins for Pinterest.” Something like that.

Resurrected the creative me.

I was known as the creative one back in elementary and high school. People rely on me for art stuff, drawing, and lettering headers on their project. All that died when I got into the College of Pharmacy. All the more when I became a mom. But when I discovered bullet journal, I somehow unleashed my inner creativity that has been lying dormant. It’s because, contrary to traditional planners, you can design your own spreads in bullet journals. You can go for color themes or even minimalistic/monochrome.

It makes me happy!!!

I don’t know but I became happier since I started with bullet journaling. Probably because I found myself again. It’s like I’ve been too focused on becoming a mother that I didn’t think about doing things for myself. But with bullet journal, I finally found something that I enjoy doing. It also feeds my obsession with pens and notebooks – which I’ve forgotten about. And yes, I’m guilty of splurging on art materials and bullet journal supplies.


Here’s my pen collection – not including the Sakura Pigma Micron 6-pen set I recently bought. 😀

Oh and yeah! That’s my “secret” IG account.

I’m going minimalistic starting June. Here’s a sneak peek!

Helps me remember important things

Since I’ll be writing down whatever I want, I have the option to make a spread dedicated to things that matter like a Memories page (Kai memories). A bullet journal works not only as a to-do list but also a diary you can keep. You can also keep your passwords in the notebook — but make sure you’re extra careful when bringing the journal around. You don’t want to let it fall into the wrong hands.

Now the big question is…

Why should you bullet journal in the digital age!??!?

Yes, I’ve thought about people who might ask why one should bother with bullet journals when everything can be done through different mobile apps available. But the thing is, there are people out there who still enjoy writing with a pen and paper. I’m surprised and happy to discover many people who are like me — addicted to stationery. “Wow, it’s actually a thing!” I thought to myself. Most importantly, note-taking helps you remember things better.

So if you want to start organizing your busy life as a mom and at the same time, want to be creative, why not start bullet journaling? It helped me — generally a Type B personality — stay on track and I’m sure it could help you too.


  1. I love my lists and keeping things organized. I’m also a busy mom with two crazy little boys running around the house!! I’ve thought about using a bullet journal or something similar, it’s good to know it’s helping a fellow busy mom!

  2. I have always been so fascinated with Bullet journals. I want to keep one so badly but I really like the simplicity of my planner. The struggle to choose between the 2 is real

  3. I LOVE the concept of bullet journals but my handwriting is so awful and I’m so terrible at drawing/colouring, so it would look like a major mess. But I do recommend it for everyone who has better presentation – it’s so aesthetically pleasing and I love seeing bullet journal ideas on Instagram.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bullet journal! Since I started one in January 2017, I have been getting SO much more done – am SO much more organized and productive, it seems hard to believe if I just look back at it and think about it!

  5. Your bullet journal is so pretty! I completely understand about journaling making you happier. I have a planner that I use, and every Sunday, I take time to make my week look pretty. I get to take time for myself, get to be creative, and shop for fun accessories. And I still haven’t found an app that works as well as paper and pen when planning and list-making.

    • Hi Christa! That is wonderful. Bullet journaling indeed is a form of stress reliever for me. And yes, pen and paper are the best. Ive seen people do beautiful spreads on their iPads but nothing feels more awesome than holding a pen and writing with your own hand

  6. I have seen so many people with their adorable little bullet journals. I definitely do bullets in my planner for what I need to accomplish for the day – but some people are just so much more artistic!

  7. I’m not big into bullet journaling (although I LOVE your yellow spread), but I absolutely am addicted to my planner. I don’t go anywhere without it and, while I still us a mobile calendar as well, it’s just not the same as being able to track everything on paper.

  8. Organizing things is always a great thing to do! I keep a planner too..but sometimes end up postponing things and not using it. Your post reminded me that I should start using it. 😀

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