Overnight Camping With Toddler At Sirao Peak, Cebu: A Newbie Camper’s Guide


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I’ve never done this but I think this would be a great idea for my blog –  have someone write an informative post that should help other mamas out there. Fortunately, I have one good friend who agreed to do a guest post on my blog and I’m glad it’s a topic that I’ve been wanting to write myself – camping out with a toddler. The only thing is that I really haven’t experienced it.

So I had my friend Dogearedcorners share about her experience camping with a toddler (who happens to be my godchild) for the first time at Sirao Peak in Cebu. And if you’re planning to take your little one camping, here are tips coming from a beach mom/newbie camper to keep in mind.


I am never a mountain person.  I told myself once I will never ever go camping again.

Never say never.

It took a fair amount of prodding on the Little Human’s Ninong’s part to go camping.  If not for his 50th birthday, I would’ve said no right there and then.  In a sense, this is a non-camper’s two cents’ worth of going camping with a one-year-old.

1. Location and Timing.

I was born with somewhat of a flatfoot, which is all the more reason why I prefer the beach than trekking or the mountains.  There’s always a klutz in a family, and I am it. Fortunately, The Ninong is quite considerate of my predicament and chose a nice little location where we can just park the car a stone’s throw away.  We set camp in a pretty nifty valley below at the foot of Sirao Peak, across Tops.  Do your research on the area.  Google Maps is a very useful tool.

The Ninong also suggested we leave the city around mid-afternoon so that the Little Human can get a chance to run around before it gets dark and before the temperatures drop down to God-knows-how-low low.

I must admit, it was a view.  After a short walk (short and effortless for them, but I was out of breath when we reached our camp), we settled on here, with a picture perfect view of the sunset.  Sunsets always take my breath away…. plus the “short” walk from the car to the site.

2. Preparation.

We were lucky we went with a bunch of experienced mountaineers and trekkers.  They had their handy cooksets and what-nots, so food wasn’t really such a big problem for us. Besides, I wasn’t too keen on eating or drinking too much fluids considering there’s no decent toilet in the mountains.  And, if you really have to go, you need to find a bush to hide your tush.

So aside from the things adults bring to camping, here’s what to bring to Sirao Peak for the Little Human:

  1. Clothes.  I overpacked.  I brought a backpack of jackets and pajamas, but used only two sweaters, the PJs and a pair of pants.  Bring socks too.  My Little Human loves the cold, and gets cranky when you bundle her up.  Still, bring an extra pair as the saying goes, SH*T HAPPENS.  It’s better to be overpacked than under when it comes to kids, I always say.
  2. The Basic Needs.  Milk formula, diapers, garbage bags, and LOTS OF WET WIPES. The campsite had cows and carabaos grazing everywhere.  The Little Human loved it so. And, lots of animals means lots of animal poop.  The campsite was riddled with poop, fresh, dried, very dry.  One-year-olds tend to put everything in their mouths, so WET WIPES?  A MUST.  Don’t forget to bring potable water.  VERY IMPORTANT.

3. The Not-So-Basic Needs.  The Dad insisted we bring the cushion.  Heck, sure as long as he carries it to and from the site.  We also brought The Little Human’s favorite snacks, her favorite huggy and the most important…. INSECT REPELLANT.  I can’t remember how often I applied and reapplied on her that day.  In the advent of mosquito- and insect-borne diseases, this is most important.

I would like to thank our friends for taking us to Sirao Peak, for making it a little easy on us by taking turns watching over the Little Human and for giving me a minute’s break.  It was an experience.  Overall, the Little Human had the grandest time, so much that she was still on an adrenaline high the next day.

Would I do it again?  Hell, no.  But then again, when you see that beautiful glowing smile on your kid’s face on a sunset backdrop, I’d give it a solid “maybe”.

All photos supplied by Dogearedcorners.

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