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Trip To Bohol With Kids – Looking For Hotels in Panglao




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It took me almost a year to update my Bohol Tour with Kids blog post. Wow. Such an inefficient blogger. Now, I just feel like I really have to provide an update, especially the part where we were in the ultimate destination — Panglao Bohol with kids.

I would want to keep this as short as possible (I hope I can do this). I asked Ivan to help me remember the details because — mommy brains.

So there we were, Panglao, your go-to place for beaches in Bohol and of course, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It has this Boracay vibe — so lively, food is everywhere — resorts and hotels in Panglao Bohol are lining the shore.

We hurriedly looked for a cheap room for everyone to rest in but most of the more affordable hotels in Panglao Bohol or inns were booked. We were there the last week before November — the last week before school resumes. We found one place – a budget inn that cost around P1000+ for one night. I forgot the name or didn’t pay attention back then because we hated our stay. We know it’s our fault for not having planned where to stay, but that’s the fun part (and expensive part, sigh). We stayed the night, but there were mosquitoes everywhere. We had to buy some mosquito coil to drive those pests away.

The next morning, feeling so unsatisfied, we decided to move to a different spot, and find a better place for us, especially for the kids, to stay in and we found the almost perfect place — Baywatch Dive Resort. If I had to recommend a hotel for vacationers with kids (especially little ones), I won’t recommend this only because it’s not safe for them.

I’m very sure I will never take my eyes off Kai and Ivan has Chelsea to look after, but she’s old enough to understand not to misbehave. But if you’re taking many little ones with you and you know they’re a handful, I won’t really recommend this place. But other than that, Baywatch Dive Resort is an awesome place. There’s free breakfast and the room is awesome! For PHP2,700/night, it’s already a good choice. And just take about less than 20 steps and you have the gorgeous white sand beach of Panglao!

Find more hotels in Panglao, Bohol HERE!

Since Ivan booked the hotel early in the morning, we went straight to the beach until around 10 a.m. Everyone was exhausted and we took a nap before waking up in the afternoon to take a dip again.

Lovin’ the beach!

The little one was having fun with the sand.

Just goofing around.

Beautiful sunset during the stay in Panglao, Bohol with kids.

Cozy room we have at Baywatch Dive Resort in Panglao.

So there ya have it. It’s short! Yasss!

We had a wonderful stay in Panglao and we would go back there someday. The kids apparently love beaches and Bohol is a great place for those who love some vitamin Sea. If you have other suggestions on a great place to stay in Bohol, especially when you’re tagging along the kids, feel free to hit the comments section below! We might consider your tip the next time we visit Panglao.

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