Birthday Dinner With The Family AT Phat Pho Cebu


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Late! Late post again. My 30th birthday was 2 weeks ago and I’ve never had the time to make several post-birthday blog posts because busy mom here! ūüėÄ So yes, I know I’ve mentioned Phat Pho Cebu in my previous article on what went down on my birthday weekend, but I just think that the restaurant deserves a post dedicated only to them. Plus, the man insisted I should make this blog post ASAP.

I know Phat Pho has been around for years – we just didn’t bother visiting the restaurant because the area where it’s located is somewhere we don’t really visit often. Each time we visit Banilad or anywhere in that area, we always say, “I’ve never been to this part of Cebu in years,” which is true because — traffic problems.¬†We¬†avoid the metro as much as possible because of the crazy traffic jam. If you’re from Lapu-Lapu City, you’d understand. I hardly have regrets but this is definitely one of the few –¬† not making Phat Pho a go-to food place for the family.

I am a big fan of Asian cuisine but not much of a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, but Ivan is. Maybe because I didn’t get to eat a lot of Vietnamese food in my life. I only had Chao Long from Palawan (Pre-Kai days) and some fresh summer rolls from some restaurant.¬† But I can definitely say I’m more of a foodie than him because I welcome taste I’ve never had before. I am open to trying new things and flavors.

If you’ve read from my previous post, you know that I needed something fresh on my birthday, craved for something Asian I haven’t tried. When we talk about Asian, it’s always gonna be Oriental Spice Gourmet. Ivan’s been raving to me about Pho but we never got around to eating it until my birthday. Yes! Finally! The famed Pho from a Vietnamese cuisine. Thank God for Phat Pho and I’m so glad we made the choice of dining there.

Where is Phat Pho located?

Because Google Maps is your friend, so here’s a map of where the restaurant is located.

Another branch is located in Ayala and another in IT Park, both places we rarely visit.

I’m not a fan of taking food pictures when we’re out. It’s usually “dig in” when food is served for us. But note to self and probably a resolution, I should take food pics from now on.

Yes, the Pho Bo from Phat Pho Cebu didn’t disappoint!

You wouldn’t want to miss out this delightful soup.

See, a photo of the three of us is rare.

And the highlight of them all.

I’ve had fresh summer rolls before but none as mouthwatering as Phat Pho’s.¬†The moment I tasted Phat Pho’s fresh summer rolls, it was orgasm in my mouth. I haven’t had many fresh summer rolls in my life but Phat Pho’s summer rolls tasted so amazing I could make it my meal all day and not complain. The peanut sauce was to die for.

But that’s not just it! After finishing our food, we thought that was the end of a good hour of sitting with scrumptious¬†meals. We didn’t expect there would be a surprise — it’s perfect for my birthday.


We were given a complimentary dessert – classic leche flan.

It’s perfect. It’s got the classic taste of the flan and not some improvised version. I don’t know why we were given that. I was surprised yet grateful for the dessert. Was she amused by Kai? Did the owner know it was my birthday? Haha! It was truly my day.

The Verdict

Phat Pho Cebu is rather small but who cares? People are there to eat, not hang out and lounge. But if the place is packed, then you’ll have to wait, I guess. But knowing how remarkable the taste of the dishes¬†is, you wouldn’t mind waiting. I may not be a big fan of Vietnamese and I’m not an expert on how authentic should taste but what I know is that I loved what I ate for dinner. When it comes to price, it’s affordable. Love the staff, super friendly.

Yep, they’re definitely happy with the food.

Yes, we are definitely going back to Phat Pho (maybe this month? Please?) and I told Ivan I don’t care about the heavy traffic – this family needs to make Phat Pho the new favorite place. I have yet to try the Chicken Satay. I forgot they serve them there. Ugh. And here’s the coolest part — I had no problem feeding Kai the same food that’s on the table. He ate whatever was served, in particular, the Pho Bo. The little one loved the soup. If Kai loved it, it’s definitely a Yes from Mommy!


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