5 Quick and Easy Baon Ideas For Your Preschooler


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When I don’t have the time to prepare Kai’s baon, and that’s usually when I go to bed really late after reading an ebook or play games (lol), or I wasn’t able to prepare them the night before, I have these go-to easy baon ideas. A reminder for my non-Filipino readers, baon is equivalent to school lunch or any food provision. It’s a Filipino term. In my case, Kai’s baon is not a complete meal but only quick snacks and treats.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Kai only stays in school for two hours and he also eats breakfast before leaving for school so he doesn’t really need much for his snack box.

While there are so many easy baon ideas to choose from, there will be times you’ll forget about them and how easy they can be. Here are 5 quick and easy snacks you can prepare for your preschooler when you’re in a hurry.

#1. Quail eggs and fruits

Whenever we go to the grocery, I pick up a small tray of quail eggs. Kai loves quail eggs and they’re among the easiest to prepare. Pair it with whatever fruit you have and you already have a quick snack for your preschooler.

#2. Scrambled egg muffin cups + tomato slices

Because it’s easy to whip up some eggs and mix with whatever you want, egg muffins are so easy to make. It might require you to have muffin cups for quick baking or putting in an oven toaster. The latter you can do while you prepare for school. It’s a great on-the-go snack and you can mix in any ingredient you like. Here are some ideas. To save more time, make egg muffins in a cup the night before, store them in the fridge then take em out, reheat and put in the lunch box.

#3. Pandesal with egg + fruit

Just buy local pandesal near your area, and whip up some scrambled eggs. This is always a Kai-favorite. Other times, he doesn’t need eggs to go with it. Pair it with any fruit; I’ve paired the sandwich with apples, oranges, cucumber slices and tomato wedges.

#4. Chocolate-chip pancakes with trailmix

You can use a commercial pancake mix or make one from scratch and use the hack shown in the video below.

You can always buy packaged trailmix but those are expensive for me. So I just make some. There are different ways you can make this fun snack. It’s just a matter of mixing your kid’s favorite treats. I remember, Kai’s trail mix was composed of MnM’s, dried mango bits, banana chips and another favorite, cereals.

#5. Sandwich bites + cucumber

You can make your own sandwich spread ahead of time as they can always be served cold the next day. The easiest would be a chicken salad sandwich. Boil/bake chicken breast with your favorite herbs, shred it, mix in mayonnaise and pickle relish, then add salt and pepper to taste.  I think cucumber is the perfect pair for sandwiches — and Kai just loves them. If you don’t have chicken you can always substitute it with tuna (tuna salad) or egg (for egg salad) or both for tuna egg salad 😀

Bonus: Just throw a couple of fruits in the snack box and you’re good to go. Kai loves fruits, especially banana, apples, and tomatoes. When I don’t have pandesal, or cookies or banana bread to give, I just let him bring a whole apple. Apples are his favorite. He could finish three whole apples in a day. 😮


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