4 Reasons Your Preschooler Should Bring Homemade Baon


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One of the things I was most excited about when Kai started attending school is preparing his baon (or school lunch, but in my case, snack box). It’s just me –  I tend to enjoy preparing food for our little boy, like the time when he was still a baby and how I loved making homemade baby food for him. And the fact that Kai is not a picky eater so I trust him to finish whatever I prepared for him.

At the moment, he’s not eating rice in school since he only spends 2 hours there. He eats breakfast every day before leaving and I have to let him bring snacks. I should encourage our child to choose healthier food options.

The bringing of baon started in summer when he first attended a two-hour playgroup. If you followed my post, you’d know it wasn’t an easy first week of crying and separation anxiety. I heard from his teacher that he’d calm down when it’s snack time and that’s because our boy loves eating. lol I had him bring prepackaged snacks – or maybe junkfood, that is. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against them. In fact, this family does indulge in junkfood like chips and sugar-laden commercial snacks sometimes.

But I told myself I don’t want Kai to bring those kinds of baon to school every single day. I had to do something and that’s when I decided to start letting him bring food that I’ve prepared at home. Here are reasons why you should too.

#1. Creative outlet

This is, probably, one of the main reasons why I want our little man to bring baon to school. I’ve seen tons of videos on creative lunches and I wanted that for Kai. I may not have succeeded because I can’t shape rice – he doesn’t bring them. But I can still be creative by cutting up fruits into different shapes, baking cookies that are shaped into trees, cars, etc. and letting him bring food picks to hold his sandwiches or for picking fruit bits.

Not only that, I had to teach myself how to bake. Yes, I’ve learned baking muffins and cookies all because I decided to let Kai bring homemade baon.

#2. Healthier food options

Because you’re preparing it yourself, you know what goes in your child’s baon and you also want to make sure your child brings something healthier. Letting your kid bring something you have prepared also helps if your child has a known food allergy.

#3. Cut down plastic waste

I am not an Earth warrior but I try to do simple things that should lessen our use of plastic. One of which is letting my kid bring his own homemade baon to school. It’s common for moms to let their kid bring snacks like individual packets of biscuits, pretzels – I’ve been there. More of those every day and you will be dealing with plastic wrappers. But if you let your kid bring his or her own food to school, you’ll be cutting down the use of plastic.

#4. Saves Time and Money

When you think about preparing for your preschooler, you might wonder where’s the “saves time” part? Your child’s baon doesn’t ALWAYS have to be made early in the morning. You can have them ready at night, especially sandwiches like chicken or tuna or even homemade pastries. Leftover cooked meat can also be used as an ingredient for your kid’s homemade baon. It definitely saves you money because you no longer need to buy prepackaged snacks. Whatever you’re having at home, your kid can bring too.

Preparing homemade baon for your preschooler doesn’t have to be a tedious task. I’ll be giving quick and easy baon ideas for your little one on my next post. Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Our children also take snacks with them to school. I cook healthy food for my daughter. But I know that many mothers give ready-made sweets to children and children often treat each other with their snacks.

  2. Hi Claudya! Thanks for dropping by. I, too, was one of those moms who would give ready-made treats. But I’ve decided to drop it and go for healthier choices. But that doesn’t mean my son doesn’t get any treats 😁 I do give him occasionally.

  3. This is so sweet! You had me convinced at “creative” and “healthy.” This seems like a responsible way to play with food, and eat it, too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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