Can I Renew My PRC License Without CPD Units? YES!


Update 5/11/19: I have been busy so I haven’t had the chance to give an update. A good one, actually because PRC has reduced the number of CPD units required to renew your PRC license. Here’s an excerpt of this news from PSME:

CPD is still a mandatory requirement for the renewal of the PRC ID of all registered and licensed professionals. Significant decrease in the number of required CPD units for the renewal of professional license. From 45 units, it’s now down to 15 units every three years

That’s still good news because that means we no longer need to pay fees after fees to attend seminar after seminar just to reach the number of units, which was 45. Fifteen units for three years can easily be achieved!

I also know the PRC renewal without CPD units was a pain in the butt for OFW. But here’s another piece of good news.

Professionals working abroad shall not be covered by the CPD requirement during the period of their employment abroad. Newly licensed professionals shall be exempted from CPD requirements for their first renewal


Update: When I went back to do a follow-up on my application, the lady simply told me to head to the cashier to pay the renewal fee of P450. I thought I’d be given the schedule when to pick up my card. Turns out, I just had to wait for my name to be called because the ID card was given instantly! Yay!

Original Article:

This is not a mom-related or parenting-related article, yet I feel the need to write this especially for those who think that the CPD Act of 2016 is BS. Basically, the act requires you to earn a number of units so you can renew your professional license.

True, some seminars are helpful but many think that it’s just a waste of time since there are boring and useless ones. Not to mention, it’s expensive since you need to attend seminars after seminars just to have those units. I thought the license is like a “trophy” we earn after years of studying in college. But, nooooo.

I don’t want to dwell on why I think CPD Act is not helpful. I’m sure a lot of people think the same way. Take this online petition filed in 2017 for instance.

What I will talk about is what went down during the renewal of my license even if I didn’t have CPD units. You may ask yourself, “can i renew my prc license without cpd units?” Of course you can. Me? I had to waste 7 hours of that day for this task — and it was a mission not accomplished.

I missed a school meeting and didn’t pick up my son for this. Yeah, I know. Other people have bigger problems, but I’m just saying. I met up with my classmate since we had planned to go to PRC together to renew our license. Both of us lack the required CPD credit units.

Where to Renew Your PRC License in Cebu?

I went to SM City Cebu, thinking that PRC license renewal is available in their Government Services center. I had my license renewed there before. But I found out that SM City Cebu Government Services no longer accepts renewals and that I should go to Robinsons-Galleria instead. When I arrived in Galleria, my companion was still not around and I headed straight to Lingkod Pinoy center for PRC.

At that time, there was something wrong with the system that the staff said they can’t process the PRC license renewal and that this had to be done in Mandaue. So yes, head to Mandaue City straight away if you want.

The process of PRC renewal without CPD units at the Main office in Mandaue is organized. There’s no need to weave your way through the crowd, which is why I suggest you head to the main office if you don’t want to deal with a lot of people. Here’s how easy the PRC renewal without CPD process was at the main office.

  1. Log the time of your arrival at the entrance. The guard will tell you so.
  2. Make sure you have pasted your photo on the application form. I got my application form when I was at Lingkod Pinoy Robinson’s Galleria Window 1 (Renewal).
  3. If you haven’t pasted the photo, go to your right and you can see a table where the glue was provided
  4. The guard will then give you a priority number.
  5. Wait for your number to be called.

Can I renew my PRC license without CPD Units?

Of course, you can. Although you can apply for PRC renewal online, you still need to visit the office to submit the required documents. If you already have an account with online PRC, you still have to register because accounts previously created with PRC no longer work. It was also stated that you need to set your PRC appointment in advance.

Here’s a document on PRC renewal without CPD units. Download it, save it to your phone or even print it. It’s a complete guide on the how you can renew your PRC license without CPD units. Read about the online registration and then skip to Page 17 for the renewal process.

What to expect?

I had dreaded this day thinking I could never renew my license ever. But I was wrong. And I could say maybe I was overthinking because what happened is nothing that I expected.

The teller simply asked me if I had accumulated CPD units, to which I answered, “No” (but really, I did attend a seminar but I forgot to bring my certificate lol). She then asked if I’m willing to give an undertaking, to which I simply answered, “Yes.” And that’s it. The statement of undertaking is already on the form itself. You just have to fill out the blanks and sign it. But since the system is offline, she instructed me to come back on Monday and to make sure I call first before coming. She’s nice, yeah?

Remember this: You can still have PRC renewal without CPD units. PRC is not that strict in the implementation of the actat least not yet.


    • Hi, as stated above, I was able to renew my license without CPD units. I just needed to fill out the form that they have and state that you will be complying with the required units. “promissory note” kumbaga

  1. Di ba po yung parang “promissory note” nila ay kailangan pa ipa notaryo? Meron po ba kayong idea kung saan siya pwede idownload? Naghahanap po kasi ako pero Baka mali madownload ko

    • Hi, sa experience ko po di un “promissory note” na dapat epanotario. Its simply the application form, and andun na ung dapat pipirmahan nyo kung ilang units dapat nyo emakeup. The teller will simply ask you if you have complied with the required CPD units, if you say no.. Okay lang. Lol

  2. hi! what to bring po kapag magrerenew ka ng id pero ang pagbabayad e sa prc? reference number lang po kasi ang makuha ko wala ng ibang nag appear after ko mag set ng appointment. TIA. Godbless

  3. Hello po! Ask ko lang kung pwede magbayad sa mga satellite offices for prc renewal. Sa robinsons nova po kasi appointment ko, i chose prc cashier. Dun din po ba magbabayad?

  4. Hi, i just want to ask. My appointment date will be on January 2 next year. Im a bit worried because of the cpd units. It is still okay not to take the cpd units during my renewal nxt year? Because of no more slots available for this year.

  5. Hi i just want to ask if how much did you pay for the renewal. And if theres an excess payment for other matters….thanks

  6. Hi, I am clueless to this requirement and I don’t even know the total required units stated in the undertaking. If you can pls help me fill those blanks would really appreciate it. I need to renew my phil Nurse license so I can take a state board exam cause PRC wont verify an expired license. Sounds annoying and useless for someone who doesn’t live in the Philippines anymore but no choice.

  7. Hi po,yung sinabi mong may application form na doon sa prc, yang form na yan ay yung may “undertaking”? Tama po ba? Or may ibang application form talaga?

  8. Hi I just read this article and while this is very helpful, let me present my dilemma…

    I’m an OFW. I’m departing for my next contact me July 2019 and won’t be back till before Christmas. My birthday is really November.

    My principal requires that my license be valid at least 6 months.

    Can I:

    Renew my PRC card before my birth month?
    Renew my card even without CPD units? As an OFW should I present my OEC as proof?

    Will wait for your reply… Cheers!!!!!

  9. Ask ko lang po kung kailangan ko po ba magpa appointment online before going to prc to renew my license? Or pwede na po ako diretso na pumunta pang doon?

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