I’m Now Officially a School Boy Mom!


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Goodbye to the toddler years. I am now officially a mom to a school boy. Actually, one more day before that happens. My boy will go to school tomorrow to have summer classes composed of basic learning, writing and having some fun. I’ve held off schooling for this young man for a year. I’ve heard moms sending their kids to preschool at the age of two and we planned on it too. We dropped the plan the last minute because we took him on a trip to Singapore. And we thought to ourselves (with some encouragement from my mom) that Kai is better off with us at that time and that we don’t need to pressure ourselves to send our son to school that early.

Everyone has different opinions about sending their kids to school. I happen to agree that sending Kai when he was just two years old would be too soon. I wanted to hold on to him for long and want to spend more time with him. I have this thought that if I send him to school that time, he’ll become less of a baby. I wanted him to be a baby for a bit long but now that he’s 3+, I feel it’s the right time to get him out there.

Holding off on school also meant that our boy still lacked social skills. He doesn’t really like kids around him. The only “kid” he loves to play with is his cousin, Venice — and she’s eight. But these guys are perfect for each other and they share a love-hate relationship. It’s fun to watch them. Still, Kai would do better if he hangs out with kids his age and I’m glad that will happen tomorrow when school starts. Honestly, I worry about how he’d deal with kids because he’s not nice around them but I believe the school setting should help him learn how to be nice to others.

I am super excited about the day to come. The summer school runs for a month and I bought him his supplies early on. Now, those supplies are stuffed inside his bag. Over the weekend, we bought him his snackbox, his lunch bag and a water flask to bring to school. I had him practice how to use the flask and it looks like he had fun with it that he couldn’t stop drinking water. Last night, we went to the toilet to pee about three times because he drank plenty of water. He was fascinated by his “new gadget.”

Did I emphasize enough how excited I am about the whole thing? I’m looking forward to this new journey that much I even made a bullet journal for it.

It’s Kai’s step to a new journey as a schoolboy who will no longer see ONLY Mommy and Daddy. It’s a journey where he would need to be away from Mommy for two hours and deal with people he doesn’t know but people he will soon form relationships with. I am excited about the many first journeys he will be having at this point.  At the same time, I look forward to learning new lessons as a mom and a person. This means I may need to interact with other people at some point and being the introvert that I am, it’s a new challenge for me.

I can’t wait to blog about what’s to come. I say, bring it on!

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