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Kai’s Second Birthday: What Went Down




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This post was created in November 2016. So, I realized this wasn’t published.

Keeping up with this blog can be real hard work, considering I have a full-time job, I need to attend to Kai’s needs, do the dishes, cook, and clean the house, and maintain another website apart from this. It’s been months since I last updated a post on here and so much has happened.

Simple family dinner at our favorite place Mooon Cafe

I wasn’t even able to document Kai’s second birthday, which happened last October. We’ve gone on weekend island escapade with the kids, to serve as Kai’s post-birthday trip. I think we’ve started a tradition in which we will be traveling weeks after Kai’s birthday. I’ll just provide a recap on what happened the past month starting with Kai’s birthday.

To Kai:

My little boy, a week before your second birthday, Mommy kept sharing photos of you on Facebook – photos of when you were just a newborn and the years that followed. I think I just got excited, yet kind of sad that you’ve grown up so fast. It’s been two years since I held your tiny body in my arms. I missed those days, nights, weeks, and the few months that you are like a baby koala, clinging to its mom non-stop. I guess I liked it that way. Now, I’m starting to get annoyed if you cling too much, that I feel the need to teach us how to let go of each other little by little.

But then when I look at you and your happy face, I realized that there’s no need for that. In time, we’ll be letting go of each other, physically, but for now, I’m letting you be. I still want to keep you in this stage for long. Like I always said, if I could just keep you in your newborn state, I would.

Then came your birthday, Mommy and Daddy didn’t give you a big birthday bash, because we just wanted to have your favorite people around – your sister, your cousin, your grandmas and your grandpa, and your aunts and uncles. It was a joyous moment. You even seem to be aware that people are celebrating your birthday. Mommy has proof.

Fast forward to several weeks later, we went to Bohol. Your other Grandpa gave you a gift in the form of cash that we decided to spend traveling for your birthday. Again, you enjoyed the time we spent there. You were not too much to handle, especially when traveling to places. I guess you got used to riding in a moving vehicle when you were just a baby. It’s just that you’re too noisy when you are awake, and you can’t stop babbling. But that’s the fun part, right? You make each moment alive.

It was also this time that we saw how you’re no longer afraid of the beach. You were even brave enough to go deeper – but of course, Mommy won’t allow you to do that alone. You had a really great time strolling in the beach with your sister. Weeks after that travel, you can’t stop talking about it. Even till now, I still hear you saying, “Go beach, Ayah.”  

That pretty much sums up Kai’s adventures during his birth month. But of course, there will be to remind us how wonderful it has been. Two years. Two awesome years with Kai.

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