Sinulog Safety Tips For Parents: Keep Your Kids Safe During The Festival


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Following the merry celebrations during Christmas and New Year, Cebu will once again join together for a massive street party – the Sinulog Festival. And for parents, that would also mean observing Sinulog safety tips when witnessing the event with kids. After all, it’s going to get crowded and you want to make sure nobody gets lost.

Despite the crowds, there will always be families who will go together to celebrate Sinulog on the streets. Some do it for religious purposes, others let their kids tag along because they want to go as a family or they don’t have a choice but to take their kids with them. Whatever the case, parents should always keep in mind Sinulog safety tips to experience the event fully.

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When is Sinulog 2020?

For the uninitiated, the Sinulog Grand Festival is celebrated every third Sunday of January. For this year, that will be on Jan. 13, 2020. There will be plenty of activities on the days leading up to the main event.

Before you decide to join the Sinulog Festival 2020, just remember that there are instances when children get lost in the crowds. This is the reason authorities would discourage parents from bringing along their kids. If you, however, insist on bringing your kids with you on Sinulog, it’s best to be prepared.

General Sinulog Safety Tips for Parents

#1. Give instructions in case kids get separated from you.

Because it’s a grand festival, the streets are expected to get crowded. People from different countries visit Cebu to experience the vibrant and happy event, as well as witness the spectacular street parades. It’s easy for kids to get lost, especially if parent’s don’t take extra precautions to keep them close. If you have older kids who can understand simple instructions, give it to them before leaving your house. You can tell them to approach a police officer or go to a particular location that the family is familiar with, in case they get lost.

#2. Provide identification/DIY Temporary Safety Tattoos

This is one of the most important Sinulog safety tips for parents to remember. Let your kid carry around a form of identification, his or her school ID perhaps. I’ve never tried but I believe a temporary stick-on tattoo that has your kid’s details will also help. You can order such product from Lazada or Amazon (check out below).

You simply write your phone number, peel the sticker and stick it on your kid’s arm. If you want to go DIY, simply write your contact number on your kid’s arm and top it off with a liquid band-aid. Check out these DIY ideas on safety tattoos by Cherise McClimans and the Nerd’s Wife. These safety IDs are not only useful during big events like Sinulog. Parents can also use them when going out to the mall with kids or any crowded places.

#3. Avoid heavy crowds

Yes, streets during Sinulog will be crowded but there are areas that are not so filled with people. When you have a kid, go to those areas. You may not get the best spot to view the parades, but you can stay safe – and at the same time – still enjoy Sinulog. Safety is a top priority!

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#4. Infant safety

If you have an infant, it’s best to leave him or her at home – and maybe skip Sinulog altogether. The place is just too crowded and too loud and everything can be too much for the little one. Very small children won’t even remember going to big festivities so you might just skip it until they’re old enough to participate in such events.

That’s how it was for Kai. Ivan and I used to attend the festivities every year but we haven’t gone since Kai was born. This year, though, we’re ready.

#5. Protect kids from the sun

The weather can be unpredictable during Sinulog. There had been rainy days during Sinulog; other times it can really be hot and humid. Regardless, be prepared by bringing protective gear for your kids like umbrella, caps, and hats, and of course, don’t forget the sunscreen (Try this reef-friendly sunscreen for kids).

#6. Hydrate

Most roads are blocked to make way for street dancing candidates so you need to walk to get from one place to another. Your kids might easily get thirsty so bring with you some water and make sure they are well-hydrated. If you run out, there are street vendors selling bottles of water so no worries.

#7. Hold on

Hold on to your kids tight, especially if you plan to bring as young as three years old. Don’t let them out of your sight, not even for one second. If you can, give them shoulder rides as you enjoy the parade.

Staying Near Parade Routes

Aside from general Sinulog safety tips parents must remember, staying within Cebu city near parade routes is one of the ways you can enjoy Sinulog without getting exhausted. By booking hotels in Cebu for Sinulog, you can easily find a place to rest whenever the family is tired.

We live in Mactan so that’s kind of far for us and it would be too tiring for Daddy to wait for the crowds to dissipate late at night just so we can drive back home. Last year’s Sinulog, though, we booked a hotel near Junquera, where the festival dancers would pass by. So, we did get to witness them dance on the streets with their colorful costumes.

If you live in cities that are an hour or two away from Cebu, then booking a hotel might be the best option.

If you plan to make Sinulog a family affair this year, don’t forget to keep these Sinulog safety tips in mind. Enjoy the event and always be safe!

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