SM City Cebu Playhouses To Visit


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Let me just say, I’m a big fan of SM City Cebu. That’s because it’s convenient to get there, only with a single V-hire ride. I’m comfortable strolling around this mall because I know where to go to find something I want. And of course, I know which of the many SM City Cebu Playhouses to take Kai to.

There may be only four main playhouses in Cebu but there are certainly many play areas scattered around the mall. Here are the three SM City Cebu playhouses your kids can visit.

Astro’s Space Park

It’s a big playground and it’s the perfect place to let your kid release all the pent-up energy. I’ve never really accompanied Kai inside this indoor playground because, coincidentally, it’s always his Dad going in with him. But from the outside, you can see just how big the playhouse is. I see ball pits and also a giant winding slide.

Astro's Space Park is the largest of the main SM City Cebu playhouses

Located at the 3rd Level of SM City Cebu, I’d like to describe Astro’s Space Park as a mix of Parkmall’s Playmaze because of the giant slide and obstacles and Ayala’s Kid’s Paradise because of the interactive projection system on the slide.

Astro’s Space Park Rates for 2019

Rates for Astro's Space Park, an SM City Cebu Playhouse.

Astro’s Space Park has a promo, which will last until Sept. 30, 2019, for those who like to frequent this indoor playground.

Collect 4 stamps and learn the Solar System every time you come and play at Astro’s Space Park to earn 1-Hour Free Admission in every 5th visit!

For the full mechanics, check out this link. Also, Astro Space Park offers the playground as a venue if you wish to celebrate your kid’s birthday. The only thing that I probably don’t like about Astro’s is that they don’t have a waiting area for parents.

PlayNation SM

Sooo! Haven’t been here, but I was told there is a PlayNation at SM. It’s located at the Lower Ground floor of SM. This is the newest indoor playground in SM. Check out their page! I’m excited to bring Kai here. Woot!

I also asked PlayNation via FB and they told me this:

Playnation was previously Bibo’s Jungle Gym, but in March of 2018, it re-launched to become Playnation.

Dude, how come I never heard of this! Aghk! Must go!!! Here are the rates:

  • 30 MINS = P175
  • 1 HOUR = P230
  • 2 HOURS = 350
  • 1 DAY UNLI PASS = P450

Update 1/22/2020: I was able to visit PlayNation SM City Cebu last year and mreh. I decided not to bring Kai there. I saw photos of my friends’ kids in PlayNation Ayala and it’s not what I expected when I saw PlayNation in SM.

Kevin’s Toys & Library

When we visit SM City Cebu, this is the playhouse that we usually take Kai to. It’s rather small but it’s what we like if we want to keep a close eye on him. I like their indoor rock climbing section, which is cool. There’s a waiting area for parents just by the counter but it’s too small. Only one bench is there to accommodate three people.

Kevin’s is located on the lower ground floor of SM City Cebu, just across Unisilver.

Another SM City Cebu playhouse that we enjoy visiting is Kevin Toys and Library

Dave’s Fun Playhouse

I would say Dave’s Fun Playhouse is the about the same size as Kevin’s Toys. It only has one slide and a very small ball pit. They do have a lot of pretend toys like fireman costume, doctor costume, toys like ice cream, vegetables, and even a salon. We used to take Kai to this SM City Cebu playhouse when he was little.

Dave’s Fun Playhouse is located at the 2nd Floor North Wing.

There you have it! I may update this post once I get the rates for all three SM City Cebu playhouses. While it’s fun to bring your kids to these playhouses, I will just remind you to always observe proper hygiene. You don’t want your kids catching anything serious. Check out my post on Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.