The Song on Repeat


So I recently fell in love with Irish band, Kodaline – as recent as April. And they had a concert here in the Philippines the month before that. Bummer. And I regret I missed the song “High Hopes” when it was hitting the airwaves. That was in 2013. And I never realized it was the trailer song for one of my favorite romantic films, “Love Rosie.”

Yeah, how could I have missed such a great band? And I’m right. They are underrated. They deserve more attention, but personally I think it’s fine how they are so big but they tend to remain humble. I love the lyrics and how wonderful vox Steve Garrigan’s voice is. And I love it even more when they do live sessions out on the streets or train stations. That’s so cool. And Steve’s voice is much more filled with emotions live than in studios that honestly, some live versions are actually better than the studio version ones.

So yeah, Kodaline’s “High Hopes” was the song on repeat for a month, and even till now. It’s so overplayed, I even sing it to Kai as a lullaby. In turn, he learned to sing it! Haha!

And I’ll never get tired of this music video.

Or this very soulful rendition of “All I Want.”

I have to reveal that Kodaline’s songs, three of them actually, were on repeat that time when we had a weekend getaway for SD Chelsea’s birthday In Tabuelan. I was off the Internet and Kodaline songs kept me at peace. That and an ebook.

But I’m not the only one who’s gone crazy over a song. My boy is also having his obsession phase with *drumroll please* The Gummy Bear song!!

Oh yeah. That song has been on repeat for more than a month now. He had heard it before on YouTube but once it was played in his school in April (the version where kids dance to it), he just couldn’t stop. And it goes with the dance too. So how hooked is he?

It would be the first thing he’d ask for in the morning. His eyes half-open after waking up and he goes, “Mommy, I want to dance Gummy Bear.”


In a day, that song would be played about 20 times and he’d dance to it maybe 10 times.


Nothing to learn here. Only sharing what’s going on. Lol because as I type this, Gummy Bear is playing.

Wanna dance to it? Check out this vid.

What song are you and your kid obsessing over right now?