3 Things You Need To Start A Blog – Tips For The Extremely Clueless

There are three things to consider to start a blog

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I started Times with Kai in 2016 in hopes of keeping memories of my kid as he reaches different milestones. I was taking care of another website – ours – that time and I also worked as a freelance writer. All that made me forget about the purpose of this blog. I’m no expert at blogging but I do have enough experience to know what you need to start a blog.

I have friends asking me how to start a blog. All the things I’ve learned on how to start a blog I got from two people – who also gave me that push. Cille at Penfires was of great help. She shared whatever tips she has about blogging and how to set up Adsense or Amazon affiliates. Jio of Elite Readers – I consider him my mentor since he was the one who gave me the light-bulb moment of starting a blog. I never thought about having my or our own website until he told us that we should be doing it considering a number of articles that we are able to produce in a day. Jio also helped a lot with the coding of this blog and also our other website.

I never thought about having my or our own website until he told us that we should be doing it considering the number of articles that we are able to produce in a day. Jio also helped a lot with the coding of this blog and also our other website.

And yes, I am a pharmacist. I studied about chemical names, scientific names, drugs and pharmacology – but there I was in 2016, staying up ALL NIGHT because I got hooked with coding a website. The codes were so challenging I had fun cracking them and figuring out how to fix this and that in a website. Note, though, that my coding and website skills are purely basic but I take pride that I could even figure things out compared to the hub – who’s actually the one who has a computer science background. We always find that ironic.

I might be scaring you with all that talk of coding but that is something you should not be worrying about when starting a blog. There are three important things you need if you decide to start a blog.

#1. Purpose and Passion

The first and most important thing is to know that you have a passion in blogging. You also have to understand the purpose of your blog. Do you aim to monetize your blog from the start? Or do you just want to share your creativity with the world? Regardless, there will always be an opportunity to earn money with your blog.

The truth is, there are niches that perform a lot better than the others, namely real estate, investments, banking and finance. I’ve been told that these are big-earning niches but man! Ain’t got no time for that. That’s just not my thing. There are other niches that you can consider and maybe they might just be what you like. Pets, health, fitness and weight loss, dating and relationships are also great niches. Whatever you choose, just ask yourself what reason could I have for blogging and am I passionate about this?

#2. Domain name

Once you know the purpose for your blog, you need to come up with a website name. Your domain name is basically your website name – the name that comes after www. When coming up with a domain name, you need to think about the kind of blog you need to create and it needs to be SEO-rich, meaning it contains the important keywords you want your site to be known for.

I don’t even think I have a great domain name because it sounds too broad. However, I never thought about that since I never expected to monetize my website. As mentioned, if you have a clear picture of what you want to do with your blog, choose a name that fits. For instance, you want to blog about food – your website name should have related keywords in it such as food, kitchen or recipes. If you want to blog about cars, you need to include the words car, auto or mobile or the like.

Choosing a domain name can be the most challenging part when you want to start a blog. I have a friend who decided she wanted to join the blogging world. She already started browsing for domains and it took her weeks. She hasn’t even finished searching at the time of this writing. Sometimes, this can be a setback for people to continue blogging. You may already have the perfect name but once you’re ready to purchase the domain, you find out that it has already been taken. Such a bummer.


Keep your domain short and easy to type and remember. Include keywords. If not, just come up with something catchy and one that makes sense.

#3. Hosting

You need to have a hosting service because it’s what you need to make sure your website is live and is seen by people. There are many hosting service providers out there. We’ve used GoDaddy but now, we use NameCheap. Services at NameCheap are, well, cheap and affordable. We are doing great with NameCheap but what I love most about them is their excellent customer service. You need to be able to talk to someone who can help you with your site whenever. They have a 24/7 live chat, which is awesome!

I’m spilling the beans here. You need to prepare not more than PHP 3,000 to have a website that runs live for a full year. But if you’re not prepared to invest that amount, you can always go for free web hosting. WordPress and Blogger (Blogspot) is an excellent choice to start your first blog for free. Blogger supports Adsense, so you can start blogging and earning once you get approved for Adsense.

There’s more to blogging than just posting content online – that is something I have learned. But the abovementioned are the most basic things you’ll need if you decide to have a blog.

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