6 Staycation Essentials This Cebu Mom Can’t Go Without


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[This post contains affiliate links. Please review my Disclosure policy.] It’s my birthday weekend and we’ve decided to go off-grid (ish) to somewhere not really far away. Off-grid, meaning staying away from our computers and laptops. For my birthday, we decided to have a hotel staycation in Bai Hotel Cebu. Now, it’s just on the other side of the island and it’s not like we’ll be away from home for weeks but still, I have essentials I can’t go without.

The man and I don’t need to bring much especially since we’re not off to some far place, but the same thing cannot be said about our little guy. As a mom, you have to prepare no matter where you are going, how far it will be and for how long. Whether we’ll go out of town as far as the likes of Bantayan or Bohol, or have a sleepover at his grandma’s house, I make sure I won’t forget these 6 hotel staycation essentials.

CJ’s Butter

CJ's butter is a top favorite travel essential

I can’t stress enough how much I love CJ’s Butter as it’s been our miracle balm since Kai was born. I thought my days of using the Shea Butter balm will be over once Kai no longer needs his diapers as much as he did when he was a newborn, but I was wrong. I still need it for Kai’s minor booboos and insect bites. In case you missed it, here’s my review of the amazing CJ’s Butter.

Essential Oils

I’ve recently made essential oils part of Kai’s bedtime routine. I tried out these blends from Wellness Mom PH and it somehow helped. Currently, I have three blends: The Sniffle Stopper, Nighty Night, and Immune Boom and based on the name, I’m sure you have an idea on what it does. So far, I’ve had a good experience with these products. The Sniffle Stopper works best for me.

I only bring Sniffle Stopper and Immune Boom whenever we travel or, in this case, go for a hotel staycation since Kai doesn’t need calming at night. He gets tired and sleeps early when we’re away from home. Wellness Mom PH offers a variety of blends using Plant Therapy diluted oils. Check out her website or find them at Amazon.

Nasoclear (saline spray)

Because of the crazy weather, Kai is prone to colds and gets all stuffy. But with a saline spray, he can breathe clearly.  I always go for Nasoclear. It was what his pediatrician prescribed to him the first time he had nasal congestion. And I’ve been using it each time he feels stuffy.

Mosquito Repellent

It’s a must, especially since we like to drive then dine here and there if we get the chance. And since mosquitoes are everywhere in the country, we need to make sure they’re protected from bites.


I’ve tried patches and insect-repellent bracelets but so far, nothing beats the lotion kind and the brand that I’ve found to be effective for Kai at keeping mosquitoes away is Green Cross Active Protect.

Sanitizing Products

Wet ones and hand sanitizer are two essentials perfect during a hotel staycation. My son has never been poop trained so yes, I need the wipes! The sanitizer is great because you know how kids his age are, those hands can touch anything nasty.

Vitamin C

Can’t go without Vitamin C! Aside from the benefits of Ascorbic Acid, Kai loves this chewable tablet.

That’s a rather short list but it’s really everything Kai needs. How about you, what items do you think you can’t go without? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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