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Summer School Goodbye




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So our little man went up on stage today to receive his certificate for having completed summer class. That’s a first. His playgroup ran for a month and I can still remember how stressful the first week of school was for both of us.

I was mostly the one who took him to school. I’d wake up around 6 am to work for about an hour before I wake him up and get him and his things ready for school. I had fun and enjoyed doing everything but what crushed me was that time when he wouldn’t stop crying loudly due to separation anxiety.

Well-behaved. Surprising!

That went on for a week and I dreaded that it would go on for months, as what some parents have experienced. But one day, he just proudly told me that he had fun and he didn’t cry. The next thing I knew, my boy would hurry up to go to school. He would even sleep early because he wanted to wake up early and go to school. School gave him something to look forward to.

And today, we were there to see him perform some dance in front of people. We saw him run up to his teachers and greet them. We saw him playing with the kids, all smiles. We saw him listening to and obeying his teachers. We worried that he’d throw a fit and hide behind us or something out of fear. But he didn’t do any of that. On top of that, he was well-behaved.

There weren’t any awards of some sort given to kids. It was just a certificate that acknowledged the successful completion of this summer program. Nevertheless, I was one proud momma to see my boy finish something that should prepare him for the next big step – nursery!

I’m glad Kai formed a relationship with his teacher. I appreciate her patience with my son from the start.
Stage parents!

Grateful for these two, who have always been patient with my boy since day 1.

Words of advice for moms who’ll be sending their kids to school for the first time: There will be a brief period of separation anxiety. You’re lucky if you don’t get to experience that stressful phase. But remember this, it shall pass. Allow your kids to cry; be patient and understand why that happens. Soon enough, your kids will realize that sometimes, it’s okay not to have mommy around and at the end of the day, mommy will always be there.


  1. He’s so dang cute ! What a big boy ! Man idk for me I think I’ll have separation anxiety more and be the parent crying for my child for months straight hahah . We might enroll him in a preK the end of the year. We shall see. You’re an awesome momma!

    • Hey Mychal! How are you?
      I also thought I’ll be that parent who’ll cry due to separation anxiety but then, it wasn’t so bad after all. Excited for Blake’s schooling. It’ll be a new adventure for you. <3

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