Talima Beach Resort Olanggo Island Review- Kai’s Summer Getaway


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Our family trip to Talima Beach Resort located on Olanggo Island is officially our first summer trip. My mom and my siblings had the itch to unwind somewhere and they ended up choosing Talima Beach Villas and Beach Resort. Of course, I was excited for Kai since he loves the beach so much.

It took long for me to write about the adventure because I haven’t got the time. But I have to finish this for anyone who might be curious about what Talima Beach Resort in Olanggo island has to offer. In a nutshell, it didn’t impress me much considering we prefer a beach with a sandy shore. Talima doesn’t have it because it’s more targeted toward divers.

Getting to Olanggo island is pretty easy and cheap. If you wish to visit the island, take a boat from the port located behind Movenpick Hotel in Punta Engano. A boat arrives every hour so you can just leave anytime. What’s scary (or call it adventurous if you prefer it that way) is getting on the boat with a not-so-sturdy makeshift ramp. But that’s how Pinoys are – they don’t really care much about putting up safe equipment especially when it comes to anything low-budgeted.

But anyway, the waves were a bit stronger than normal when we were headed for the island. That’s because there was a typhoon coming. We’d heard it’s on its way in two days but it already made its presence felt. Once at the Olanggo Island port, the tide was high and we don’t know if it was normal. The seawater flooded the walkways and waves splashed against the wall.

We took a tricycle from the pier to our destination, Talima Beach Resort. It took about 30 minutes to get to the resort and you’d pass through bad roads. This is why it’s much safer to have only 3-4 passengers in one vehicle. I gotta say the road was really bad and the tricycle had to drive through this really narrow road before reaching the resort.

If I have to be honest here, I wasn’t impressed the moment I saw the resort. No beach that’s safe for kids. Unimpressive landscaping. Not much going on there.

Kai was left to play with sand here.

Because you have to go down the stairs to get to the rocky beach.

Not safe for kids.

The room was okay – except that the AC unit wasn’t working well.

We paid Php 2200 for an economy room with AC. It was the only room available that time.

The pool, however, was okay.

Everyone had fun in the pool, especially our little boy.

But the greatest adventure happened after our time at the resort. It’s getting back home that gave me the scare of my life. Never have I ever been more scared about getting in trouble than that time when the ferry braved the really strong waves to get back to Mactan (or maybe except for that one time Ivan and I experienced a major plane turbulence, we thought that was the end). The fact is, we were with kids (who, by the way, were laughing the entire time the boat was rocking hard) that time and my thought was “what if the boat capsizes?” Demmit. And I just wrote news about a capsizing boat that day.

I can’t say much about our experience with Talima Beach Resort because I was pretty disappointed. They used the word beach and there’s not even a beach you can enjoy. The important thing, however, is that Kai was able to enjoy still – he’s a kid after all. All he had to have was sand so he can play with it. But it would be a more fun experience if he gets to play on beach sand and get wet on an actual beach.

I have to say, though, that if you really want to have an isolated summer vacay without rowdy party people to disturb your moment of peace, then this could be the place to be. It’s also great for those who are into diving. If you’re traveling with kids, however, I wouldn’t recommend it.


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