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Raising a Toddler: 5 Important Things To Teach Your Kid Before 5 Years Old




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Raising a toddler can be a lot of fun. At the same time, there’s just so much chaos. Despite the little time you get to yourself, having a toddler around can be the sweetest experience you’ll have. They may easily cause parents to lose their patience but they are the same little people who take away the stress after a long day at work.

Making sure your toddler grows up as a good and responsible person can be hard work. As parents, it is your duty to make sure your children will learn good values especially now that they have reached their formative years.

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Here are 5 important things to teach your toddler before they turn five.

1. Responsibility. It’s pretty understandable that kids before the age of five think highly of themselves as if they whole world revolves around them. Teaching your kid to have a sense of responsibility should let him become more sensitive about other people’s feelings.
2. Honesty. Kids tend to lie just to get away with things. Honesty starts with you and as a parent, you may need to be honest most of the time. The perfect example is making a promise and making sure you stick to it.
3. Gratitude. It would be great if your little one grows up to be grateful for even the littlest or simplest of things. Remember to let your kids understand that it’s not just about saying the words “thank you” but the genuine feeling of being thankful.
4. Love. Love is an important thing to teach to your child. Teaching a child to love would start with the parent being affectionate, both physically and verbally. Remind your child that he or she is loved by saying the words and accompanying it with warm hug and kisses.
5. Courteousness. Teaching kids to say the magic words when asking for something or when given something should also be important.

Teaching your kids these important values won’t work if you, as a parent, won’t set as an example. Young kids mostly follow by example, so the good values should start with you.

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