Tinker House, SM City Cebu – Arts and Crafts Station For Kids


It’s the weekend and that means it’s family time for us. We’ve made it our goal to get off our desks and off our computer and get out of the house every weekend, and this week, we went to SM City to actually look for Kai’s sand art kit. I haven’t found one, by the way, but we did find this fairly new stall in the mall called Tinker House.

So Tinker House opened in February this year, I was told (but really we didn’t notice them or maybe we didn’t get out enough, haha!). So yeah, I was excited to see them while strolling after dinner because I thought, this is it! Tinker House might have the sand painting activity Kai has been wanting to do ever since he saw it on YouTube. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the activity. But they do have several fun arts and crafts that I’m sure kids will enjoy.

We just dubbed today as Kakai’s day, because we focused on making sure he had fun.

Kai had an awesome time at Tinker House at SM City Cebu

And he did because he got to make gooey slime. As I’ve written in my previous post, Kai had fancied videos of DIY Slime but I couldn’t get myself to make it. We attempted one but it wasn’t as awesome as the one we just made with Tinker House in SM City Cebu.

Here’s our little booger making slime at Tinker House.

They have friendly staff to help out, too.

So for Php 150 (around $2.84), you can already get a make your own slime kit from Tinker House. We had that as well as the Canvas Painting kit for Php180 for the small canvas.

Love this photo of them.

The place is awesome with all the pretty and colorful art stuff.

It’s great to spend time with your kids doing fun arts and crafts.

And here’s Kai with his canvas painting. It’s supposed to be a giraffe.

That’s abstract painting right there. Lol

You know what they say, you have to nurture your child’s interest. I wouldn’t know if Kai will still be interested in arts and crafts in the future, but right now he is — very much. It keeps him busy at home — to paint digitally, or even color on paper with crayons. He may like different things sometime in the future but what he likes right now makes him and makes us (especially me) happy.

We want to support our kid’s interest, no matter how weird it can get – like that time when he was so fascinated with insects I had to take him out to the “mountain” every afternoon and watch the butterflies, spiders, ladybugs and more. Supporting kids’ interests reinforces our love for them. It also motivates them to learn and explore freely and also gives us the opportunity to be part of their lives and be present with them.

I’m just glad we got to spend time with our boy and it happened at Tinker House. If you have a love for arts and crafts and want to share it with your kids, head over to SM City Cebu, 3rd Level, just in front of Max’s Restaurant.


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