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8 Tips To Sleep Better When Pregnant




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Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful thing, but let’s admit – it’s not an enjoyable ride. There’s enduring the awful morning sickness, weight gain, feeling extremely emotional and of course – sleep problems. It can be a challenge to sleep better when pregnant, which is why many pregnant women wake up tired and lethargic.

I know of this because I spent nine months not being able to enjoy my favorite sleep position – lying on my belly. You have no choice but to sleep sideways. Otherwise, you’d feel the pressure build up on your back. While sleep is a common problem for pregnant women, there are ways on how to deal with it. You have to realize the importance of sleep during pregnancy. Here are tips on how to sleep better when pregnant.

#1. Improve sleep during pregnancy by following a routine

Establish a consistent bedtime routine that should be soothing for you. This will help you relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep. You can have rituals like taking a shower, having your hair brushed gently, or even have light conversations with your significant other. Or you can also read one chapter of a book. Or maybe put on an audiobook on your device. There are many books about pregnancy that’s worth a read. Here’s a top-rated pregnancy book that’s highly recommended.

There are different ways on how you can sleep better when pregnant.

#2. Skip late-night snacks.

It’s tempting, especially since you’re eating for two. I, for one, was a fan of midnight snacking when I was pregnant. I remember having my partner drive to McDonald’s at 2 a.m. Yep. It was that bad. But hey, if you want to sleep better during pregnancy, avoid food and drinks two hours before bedtime, according to experts’ advice. Doing so will likely result in heartburn, which would only keep you awake longer.

#3. Sleep is better done on your side.

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll be giving up many sleeping positions and you’ll be left with only one, sleeping on your side. But although you might miss different sleep positions, you can sleep better when pregnant if you lie on your side – preferably your left side. Not only that, the American Pregnancy Association stated that sleeping on the left side increases the flow of nutrients and blood to the placenta.

#4. Have body support.

Because you’ll be lying mostly on your side, you’ll need to support your body. I never invested in pregnancy pillows, but I wish I did. A lot of moms swear pregnancy pillows do help them with their sleep. Check out the top-rated pregnancy pillows below.

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#5. Sleep better when pregnant by ditching caffeine.

If sleep is really a big problem during pregnancy, you might need to say goodbye to your morning coffee to sleep better. If coffee helps with your nausea, try eating bland snacks instead. Nausea is usually controlled if you can keep your stomach slightly full.

#6. Lights off.

Keep your lights off when it’s time to sleep – that includes the light from your gadgets’ screen. Turning the lights out should support the production of the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate sleep. You might want to put on the blinds or have blackout curtains.

#7. Sleep in a cooler room.

When you are pregnant, your body heat tends to rise. I remember I’d wear spaghetti straps or sometimes tube tops to keep cool during sleep. Here is a list of shops you can buy awesome maternity tops from. You can’t sleep better when pregnant if you feel stuffy in your room. Set your room to have an ideal temperature that can help you sleep comfortably.

#8. Sleep better when pregnant by keeping naps short.

Some of us are lucky enough to get a nap during the day, and if you do, you might want to keep that rather short. Naps help deal with pregnancy fatigue but experts recommend taking them 30 minutes a day.

Taking longer than that takes your body to the deep sleep stage, which makes it more challenging to wake up later on. This can make you feel groggy. If you’re at work, here’s why you should not be feeling guilty about taking naps.

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