10 Tips to Save Money When Gift Shopping For Christmas


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I know many of us don’t really like the idea of having Christmas decors up so early. But the same thing cannot be said about Christmas shopping. After all, planning on your gift-giving helps you avoid that shopping stress. More importantly, planning ahead for your gift helps you to save money when gift shopping for Christmas.

I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet but I want to share these tips on how to save money when gift shopping with you so you won’t go crazy on gifts this year.

#1. Set a spending limit, stick to your budget

It’s important to set a budget and actually stick to it when you want to save money when gift shopping for Christmas. As early as now, set money for the Christmas gifts you want to buy. It may not be a lot of fun to constantly think of a budget when it comes to buying gifts for the people close to you, but think of it as something of a challenge since you will think and come up with gift ideas that are unique but not expensive.

#2. Make that list

Check it twice, and find out who’s naughty or nice! Haha! But yes, you have to have a sit down with your pen and paper (or phone if you prefer) and make a list of the people you intend to give a gift to. This way, you get to think well what presents you are going to get them so when you go to the shopping malls, you exactly know where to go to find those things.

#3. DIY gifts

If you’re into arts and crafts, it’s easy to make a unique and beautiful gift that will help you save money when gift shopping for Christmas. If you enjoy dedicating your time to making beautiful pieces, you don’t need to go crazy on shopping. Plus, this tends to be a lot more meaningful since you created it yourself. DIY gifts can be anything from Christmas cards, friendship macrame bracelets, crocheted projects or even shrink plastic keychains. Watch this tutorial below on how you can make cute key rings with shrink plastics.

#4. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great idea to give to save money on Christmas shopping. If you don’t know what to get someone and you’re worried that your gift might not be put to good use, go for gift vouchers instead. This way, the recipient can spend them in their own way. You can either give them gift vouchers worth a certain amount and it’s up to them on how to spend it. There are also vouchers for a relaxing time in the spa or some pampering in a salon that your girlfriends might like. For anyone you know who’s into fashion, maybe you can give them one of these gift cards from Zalora and let them have their pick on the latest trends in fashion.

#5. Pay in cash!

Swiping your credit cards is tempting but don’t give in. If you do, you don’t get to track how much you’re spending and you’re most likely not going to stick to the budget when buying Christmas gifts. When you pay in cash, however, you don’t have to worry about payments later when the festivities are done.

#6. Shop Online

I love shopping online. And I think there are more things you can find online than in physical stores. It’s convenient – especially for someone like me, who rarely get out of the house. Plus, that certain something you have your eyes on, they might have a much cheaper version online. My favorite places to shop online is Lazada and Shopee. For fashion needs, you can always visit Zalora.

#7. Shop Alone

When you’re going to malls to shop for gifts, do it alone. Don’t go with your friends or your sister (especially your sister, lol), who might have bad spending habits. Your friends’ or siblings’ enthusiasm during shopping for Christmas gifts may rub off on you and you’ll end up going crazy with your Christmas list.

#8. Shop at discounted rates

Be on the lookout for discounts from your favorite stores during the holiday season. They will likely offer items that you like and at a much affordable price. Always remember to stick to that list and if you get discounts, that will greatly help you save money when gift shopping for Christmas.

#9. Don’t go crazy when shopping for kids

I’m guilty! And I know most moms and aunts are guilty of this too. When it’s time to pick out presents for the kids, you think about how happy they’ll be when they receive this and that gift. Here’s a strategy to help you save money when gift shopping for kids.

#10. Use your Loyalty Cards

You know those points you’ve accumulated for being so loyal to your shopping mall? It’s time to use them. This can save you a great amount of money, especially if you’ve accumulated so many points. You can use this to buy yourself or someone else a gift.


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