Potty Training: My Toddler Freed Himself From Diapers (FAIL)

Kai's journey in potty training

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UPDATE: That potty usage was just one time. I don’t know what got into Kai’s head, but after what I thought was a new milestone (one we can be truly happy about — bye diapers!), he went back to hating the potty. 

Since then, I’ve tried to get him back to using the potty, but I’ve failed. He’ll hold his poop in, even if it will take two hours — which it did. And I wouldn’t want that for Kai. So I just let him be. I’ll take it one step at a time. Most parents say they’ll go once they’re ready.


June 12, 2017 – Today is Independence Day, an annual celebration of the country’s Independence from Spanish rulers. I also celebrated Kai’s independence from diapers and boy, was I sooooo happy! I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen since he started running around. Well, it was easier to teach Kai how to pee in the potty, but what was most challenging was to get him to do number 2.

I remember asking my mommy friends what they did to make pooping in the potty successful. I’ve heard about using training diapers. I’ve heard about letting his daddy teach the thing or letting him watch how we do it. His godmother bought him the bear potty when he was about a year and a half but he was never able to use it (until now). He’s scared of it.

I had to buy him another potty — one that needs to be suctioned to the tiled wall so he can pee standing up. I also bought him a kiddie toilet seat and I remember sitting with him just so he would go.

There was also that time that I had to make him sit on the bear potty and watch YouTube Kids. That didn’t work. We tried it again sans the tablet and I was there with him, waiting, singing a song I made up.

“In the potty, In the potty, Kakai manoah, in the potty. Poo-poo here, weewee there (pointing to the other potty), Poo-poo na eeKai, in the potty.”

(Don’t ask…)

There was also one time when we told him we aren’t putting a diaper on him so that he’ll be forced to sit on the potty. What happened is that he pooped on the floor because he couldn’t hold it anymore (poor baby!)

After realizing that none of my methods worked, I decided to let it go. I knew then that I wasn’t patient enough. I wasn’t that consistent. I easily gave up. But I just let it go anyway because there’s one advice that I’ve read on many mommy blogs telling parents to just wait it out. That kids will just learn it themselves and they’ll be ready in time.

My mom also told me not to force him because he’ll feel ready when the time comes. And that time came, indeed!

Today, he used the potty. I was so relieved thinking about just how much diapers can be saved. So to all parents out there, if any of the methods you’ve read worked for you, good on you. If not, just wait it out and don’t despair. Soon, your little one will be ready and you’ll surely be one proud parent when that happens.

Reality check: He’s another step closer to growing up. Awww…

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