How to Teach Your Toddler To Ride A Bike With Training Wheels


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We’re so excited to let Kai finally learn how to ride a bike. We got his first ever bike for his third birthday.┬áHe wasn’t that enthusiastic when he saw it but later on, he showed some interest. We weren’t sure how we would go about teaching a toddler to ride a bike. But after three to five sessions, our son can already pedal on his own. So, here I am sharing with you some tips to make learning how to ride a bike a fun experience for your little one.

Choosing the right bike.

First of all, you have to choose the right bike size for your toddler. Most of us would think that buying a larger bike for their size is ideal since they can just grow into it eventually.

I had that thinking, I admit. However, doing so would only slow down the learning process. To know the which size to go for, make sure your child can stand over the bike’s top tube with both feet on the ground.

In our case, we didn’t have Kai around when we chose the bike because it was intended to be a surprise. We just kept his height in mind and take it from there. And because we’re not confident yet, we bought a bike with training wheels. Here’s a bike size chart from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Encourage your child.

Basically, our toddler was lazy when it came to his first bike ride. He wouldn’t pedal; he would just ask Mom or Dad to push him. He’d whine if I go inches far from him – that’s how clingy he is. Let your child feel that it’s going to be a fun experience to ride a bike. It helped when we told him that he should put on his “riding hat,” this crocheted Paw Patrol hat his godmother gave him for his birthday. That somehow got him in the zone.

Our little boy and his first bike ride

Prepare the safety gear.

Put on the safety gear before your child mounts the bike. This should teach them the importance of practicing safety habits.

Demonstrate how to mount the bike.

Show your little one how to mount the bike the proper way – by throwing one leg over the rear wheel and standing over the center. Assist your child as he gets on to the seat. When teaching your toddler how to ride a bike with training wheels, guide them by keeping your hand under the bike seat.

Be near your child as he learns to pedal on his own. Eventually, he or she will feel comfortable being on the bike.


Show your child where to put his feet for pedaling. What I did was just tell him to put his feet on the pedal and pedal away. He was already familiar with the motion because we would I had done some as part of my workout then.

Patience, Practice, and Consistency

All throughout this process of teaching a toddler how to ride a bike, you should be patient and be consistent. We took Kai biking every afternoon, and we managed to hide our frustration, especially when he whines while riding. Just let your kid learn at his or her own pace and have fun at the same time. Being consistent with practice should help him learn fast.

Our little boy’s first bike ride was really special. I can’t believe we’re now teaching our boy how to pedal when it seems like yesterday, we were just teaching him how to walk on his own. At the moment, we’ll just let him ride his bike with training wheels. I will get back to write about how to teach a kid to ride a bike without training wheels once Kai learns how to do it.

How was the first bike ride with your kid? Let me know in the comments section below.

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