Kai’s first bike (with training wheels) was given to him as a present for his third birthday. We’re not really sure how he’d feel about riding a bike because the moment we showed his present to him, he didn’t feel excited. But I know the reason – that’s because he’s got people over for his simple birthday celebration and they’re more important to him than anything else.

When all’s settled down, we showed him again his bike and he enthusiastically got on it.  We had it in our room when he first got on it. He didn’t ride his bike until the next day, though and when that day came, I made sure he was all prepared. Daddy bought him knee and elbow pads but we couldn’t find a helmet his size. My good friend (also his godmother) gave him a crocheted hat, which I made him wear while he rides. It was his “riding hat.”

Basically, our toddler was lazy when it came to his first bike ride. He wouldn’t pedal; he would just ask Mom or Dad to push him. He’d whine if I go inches far from him – that’s how clingy he is. We’d call it a day after about 15 minutes of practice and this went on for three consecutive days. Then it stopped because that was the time when his sleeping habits changed. He’d nap the whole afternoon and wake up about six or seven when it’s already dark.

Our little boy and his first bike ride

After almost two weeks without riding, he got back again because we were able to change his sleeping schedule successfully. And surprisingly, he was able to pedal on his own, without me having to give him a bit of a push. He learned how to steer in the right direction. I was really surprised because we had only taken him out for practice 15 minutes a day for three days.

Now, he doesn’t really get to ride every afternoon. Sometimes, it rains and we’ll be staying inside. But each chance we have, we’ll let him ride. He now knows how to speed up but we’re still making sure we keep an eye on him and stay near. The only thing he needs to practice for now is keeping his eyes on the road. He’d look down and check on his feet every now and then, but I remind him to always keep his eyes on the road.

Our little boy’s first bike ride was really special. I can’t believe we’re now teaching our boy how to pedal when it seems like yesterday, we were just teaching him how to walk on his own. Time surely flies by so fast, so treasure every moment you get to spend with your little one.

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