Toddler Fun Mini Adventure With Nature and Insects


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Kai recently developed a fascination with insects. But I think he’s been like that since I introduced him to grasshoppers. He just grew more interested in nature and insects and  I am certain that he got it from watching videos on YouTube. This week I bought him a pack of toy insects and he was extremely delighted. He wouldn’t stop playing with it – he hasn’t stopped playing with it yet.

On Monday, I took him to this vacant lot in the neighborhood – just like we do on a regular basis. He calls it, “the mountain.” Every afternoon, we’d go for a stroll and always end up staying a good 30 minutes to an hour in that area. There, he’d be raving about butterflies, ladybugs, grasshoppers and some beetles. He’d scream he’d gasp in excitement and each time he does, he can be really loud his voice echoes.

Ready to go…

Times with Kai - Another adventure to the so-called mountain.

Little adventurer!

It just happened that we saw five or more types of critters this week and I managed to photograph them. Note that I’m no expert on the local species of insects,so correct me if I’m wrong. Here, I’m hoping someone could help me identify these bugs.

This colorful but creepy beetle.

This was our first time to spot this type of insect on a tuba-tuba plant. There are a lot of these colorful critters. They’re amazing to look at, but I was shaking when I took the photo. Vibrant but creepy.

Pretty little ladybug.

We see a lot of ladybugs in the area. And this was the first time we saw this type, which has the red color. We came back to the area a few days later and saw more of them. I just also learned that these guys undergo the same transformation as a butterfly. How cool is that?


I have no idea what this disgusting thing is, but there’s a lot of them. They should be some sort of a lady bug, only with a fainter color.

My favorite of the day!

I’m not sure what this beautiful caterpillar is or what kind of butterfly or moth it will become. I just love its light purple color. We don’t get to see a lot of caterpillars in the area (or maybe we didn’t just look close in enough.)

But I spotted this busy one in plain sight. Since then, I was thinking about catching a caterpillar and keeping it until it transforms into a butterfly (or moth) and let Kai witness everything. Hmm… actually, I spotted hiding in a curled leaf with silk threads visible.

Is it preparing to pupate?

We found a caterpillar hiding inside a leaf.

Someone’s busy.

Taking a nature trip in a vacant lot with my toddler.

Actually, there are lots of copulating insects in the area.

The pretty butterfly.

Could the caterpillar from the image above transform into this little butterfly? This one’s commonly seen in the area and any grassy area in Cebu. Can’t miss it.

Scared little guy…

Big nope!

We’ve never spotted a spider in the area until that day. And this one’s big and it has a baby. Nope.

I had fun with my boy that day. I think there’ll be more adventures like this one when you’re a boy mom. Here’s hoping we find a new “mountain” to explore. I’m just glad I get to have this experience with my precious boy.

If any of you know what these critters are, let me know in the comments below.


  1. I love this. I LOVE BUGS. I have a collection going, I think that beetle is a type of weevil. Check out my Insta I have one framed. I also have a few framed butterflies. I have started a collection. So awesome and cute he’s into the bugs though. Maybe he will find a Entomology career one day!

    • It’s funny because I’m typically scared of them (except butterflies) or wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them, but since we’re doing this thing together, I’m kinda enjoying this. I’ll definitely go check your IG out. As for an Entomology career, that would be really interesting nd I’ll fully support that.

      We’ll be going to a butterfly sanctuary this weekend. I’m excited.

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